How to register & get free access to content
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To better support researchers through the COVID-19 crisis we are increasing the number of articles you can read online for free from 6 to 100.
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What is a registered individual account?
A registered individual account enables researchers to access and read participating publisher articles online for free. This account also may be used to grant additional permissions as an Admin for subscribing institutions.
Who uses an individual registered account?
Anyone with an e-mail address may register for an individual account.
These accounts are especially useful to individuals who are unaffiliated with a school or library and they also provide citation management and research tools for all kinds of researchers. Students, scholars, and independent historians may use an individual registered to conveniently save, manage, and organize citations for projects, articles, and papers directly on the JSTOR site.
If you are a librarian or administrative member of your institution, you must first have a registered individual account before you can be granted Admin permissions for the institutional account.
Admin permissions enable you to review and manage:
Learn more about what Librarians and Administrators can do with Admin permissions.
How do I register for an individual account?
To register for a new free account visit the JSTOR registration page.
You may use any e-mail address to register. The e-mail you choose to register your account with will be your default password.
Items marked with "*" are required to register
  1. Provide an email address*
  2. Confirm your email address*
  3. Select a strong password (includes at least one upper or lowercase character, one number or special character, 6 characters minimum, and no whitespace)*
  4. Confirm your password*
  5. Any additional information you would like to share (role, area of study, etc.) is optional
  6. After reviewing the Terms and Conditions of use, select the checkbox before submitting the form*
To stay logged in select the checkbox "Keep me Logged In"
To opt-into updates from JSTOR and/or JSTOR-participating publishers, select the checkbox "JSTOR Updates"
Play this short video to learn more about how to register for an individual account:
What can I do with an Individual account?
Individual accounts can help you with your research, whether you are a student with access to an institutional subscription or an independent researcher:
Already registered? Learn more about How to Use Your Free Reads with an Individual Account
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Moumita Adhikary
4 years ago
29th one to find this article helpful. Thanks :).
Permanently deleted user
2 years ago
This is great! :)
Pia Hansen
1 year ago
I Just wanted to say thank you for explaining all of this so well.
Fasih Kohawar
1 year ago
Wonderful awesome explanation
John Nielsen
7 months ago
Thank you for for this thorough guide. It really helped me out. 

Kind regards
John Nielsen, El-tjek Aarhus
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