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9780521765336Pragmatism and American experience : an introduction / Joan Richardson.
9780521765350 (hbk.)Security politics in the Asia-Pacific : a regional-global nexus? / edited by William T. Tow.
9780521765367The Cambridge companion to Latin love elegy / edited by Thea S. Thorsen, Norwegian University of Sci
9780521765367The Cambridge companion to Latin love elegy / edited by Thea S. Thorsen.
9780521765398 (hardback)Probability : theory and examples / Rick Durrett.
9780521765404 (hardback)Constituency representation in Congress : the view from Capitol Hill / Kristina C. Miler.
9780521765428 (hbk.)Stochastic processes for physicists : understanding noisy systems / Kurt Jacobs.
9780521765435 (hbk.)America’s global advantage : US hegemony and international cooperation / Carla Norrlof.
9780521765442 (hardback)Mainland Southeast Asian Languages : A Concise Typological Introduction / N. J. Enfield.
9780521765503 (hbk.)Early childhood development and later outcome / edited by Sabina Pauen.
9780521765510Egypt and the limits of Hellenism / Ian S. Moyer.
9780521765589Physical foundations of continuum mechanics / A. Ian Murdoch.
9780521765596The exoplanet handbook / Michael Perryman.
9780521765602 (hardback : alk. paper)Darwin and the memory of the human : evolution, savages, and South America / Cannon Schmitt.
9780521765619Statistical thermodynamics and stochastic kinetics : an introduction for engineers / Yiannis Nikolao
9780521765626Molecular engineering thermodynamics / Juan J. de Pablo, University of Chicago, Jay D. Schieber, Ill
9780521765657 (hardback)Human attention in digital environments / edited by Claudia Roda.
9780521765664Shakespeare and the Book Trade / Lukas Erne, University of Geneva.
9780521765671The war against smallpox : Edward Jenner and the global spread of vaccination / Michael Bennett.
9780521765732 (hbk.)Planetary tectonics / edited by Thomas R. Watters, Richard A. Schultz.

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