DEVELOPING STORYIsraeli air strikes kill at least 33 people in Gaza City
‘Apartheid states aren’t democracies,’ US politician says
More Palestinians killed in Israeli raids on Gaza as PM Netanyahu vows to continue attacks ‘as long as necessary’.
‘We can hear people shouting under the rubble’: 26 dead in Gaza
‘Give us 10 minutes’: How Israel bombed a Gaza media tower
‘It’s genocide’: Protesters slam Israel, support Palestinians

In Pictures: World rallies in solidarity with Palestinians
Israel-Palestine conflict special coverage page
How the violence plays into Netanyahu’s hands
The fallacy of the colonial ‘right to self-defence’
For CBC, a dog story is more important than Israel’s apartheid
The faux anti-imperialism of denying anti-Uighur atrocities
Israel destroys home of most senior Hamas leader in Gaza
Kashmir police arrest graffiti artist over Palestine mural
India's COVID crisis
World reaction to Israel’s continuing attacks in Gaza
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From: Inside Story
Is a third Intifada on the way?
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From: The Stream
Are social platforms deliberately silencing Palestinians?
‘We can hear people shouting under the rubble’: 26 dead in Gaza
Fear, rage and mourning in Palestine
Can children get long COVID?
Dr Khan examines the mounting evidence that children are suffering from long COVID months after catching the virus.
Israeli forces kill two Palestinians at Nakba Day marches
‘Stop supporting the killing’: US rallies in support of Palestine
Afghan ceasefire ends amid calls for fresh talks with Taliban
Panic buying in Taiwan as new COVID-19 rules kick off
Chileans vote for body to rewrite dictatorship-era constitution
Ethiopia delays polls again amid security, logistical challenges
Philippines douses five-hour blaze at Manila hospital
Al Jazeera strongly condemns Israel’s destruction of Gaza offices
‘Silence the story’: Israeli bombing of media offices condemned
Gaza tower housing Al Jazeera office destroyed by Israeli attack
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From: Counting the Cost
Will the return of big government lead to a spike in inflation?
Thirty sentenced to death over anti-police clashes in DR Congo
Ten bodies found on former El Salvador police officer’s property
Report warns of Uighur forced labour in solar panel supply chain
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From: The Listening Post
#Palestine: Videos of violence, images of death on social media
Conservative Ebrahim Raisi tops Iran’s presidential candidates
UN boss: Foreign fighters still in Libya in breach of ceasefire
In Pictures: 11 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank
China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft completes historic Mars landing
Hong Kong freezes shares of media tycoon Lai under security law
Biden cancels Trump’s planned ‘Garden of American Heroes’
Women in Mexico use mobile apps during at-home abortions
Facebook faces ‘devastating’ EU-to-US data transfer ban
Amazon had keys to USPS mailbox used for union ballots: Report
Tesla in deadly California crash was on Autopilot: Authorities
US stocks rise a second straight day, overriding inflation fears
Family of Andre Hill, shot by police, to receive $10m settlement
Arizona audit of 2020 votes has ‘QAnon problem’: Report
Share COVID jabs instead of vaccinating kids, WHO urges
UK warns new coronavirus variant may delay reopening
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From: Inside Story
Can young activists change the dialogue on Israel-Palestine?
Calls to tackle caste-based discrimination in US gather steam
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Could a patent waiver change the pandemic’s course?
US backing of proposal to waive intellectual property protections for COVID jabs has raised hopes in poorer nations.
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Lebanese protester killed by Israeli troops at border
Big Tech wades into legal fight over H-4 visas for spouses
Cyprus files first prosecution in passports-for-investment scheme
These Iranian woman are crushing it in crypto
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