‘Vaccine or jail?’: Duterte warns as COVID’s Delta variant surges
Philippine president also threatens to use ‘shots for pigs’ on Filipinos who refuse to get inoculated against COVID.
Win a cow, avoid COVID: Philippines tempts vaccine hesitant
Rural Philippines pays price for ignoring COVID warnings
Could ICC hold Duterte accountable for Philippines’ war on drugs?
Violations against children in conflict ‘alarmingly high’: UN
Trump wanted to send COVID-infected Americans to Guantanamo: Book
WHO to set up mRNA COVID vaccine hub in South Africa
COVID-wary Japan gingerly approaches Olympics starting line
Israel allows limited Gaza exports, one month after truce
Iran’s President-elect Raisi addresses ties to mass executions
‘They killed him in cold blood’: AMLO to investigate killings
Hong Kong leader defends crackdown on pro-democracy tabloid
US, EU, Canada and UK slap sanctions on Belarus
Euro 2020 special coverage
Dating apps find users want friends, not sex, in post-COVID world
Palestine’s forgotten oil and gas resources
The era of US-Russia ‘resets’ is over
Apartheid by stealth
Andrew Mitrovica
Dear President Biden, you need to act on Palestine
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From: The Stream
Why are so many teen girls in the US attempting suicide?
‘We love you Catalonia’: Spain to pardon jailed separatists

In Pictures: Tibet’s historic sites at risk due to tourism boom
Ethiopians vote in polls overshadowed by Tigray conflict
Argentina, Mexico withdraw envoys over Nicaragua crackdown
Court rejects call to return Keiko Fujimori to jail for graft
Carl Nassib becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay
Israel-Palestine conflict special coverage
Wildfires burn across US West threatening Flagstaff, Arizona
Israeli foreign minister to undertake first visit to UAE
Why is Stonewall Inn banning some beers during NYC Pride?
Gulf states show ‘limited’ progress kicking oil & gas dependency
White House’s global COVID jab distribution plan hits a snag
Suspects plead ‘not guilty’ in high-profile Jordan sedition trial
Emir opens Qatar Economic Forum focusing on post-pandemic growth
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From: Inside Story
Will democracy in Ethiopia be established?
Powerful tornado sweeps through Chicago suburbs
Poorer nations bear brunt of global development fund dry up: UN
Rights group urges UK to probe UAE activist’s death near London
What will public school look like for US students this fall?
Former president Karzai says US failed in Afghanistan
US Democrats face crucial test on voting reform
Al Jazeera Digital wins two Gracie Awards
Bachelet seeks Xinjiang trip amid reports of Uighur persecution
Canada: Fully vaccinated citizens face no quarantine after July 5
US Supreme Court sides with former athletes in dispute with NCAA
Russia bristles as US threatens more sanctions over Navalny
Bill and Melinda Gates divorce throws spotlight on money manager
Swedish PM Lofven loses historic no-confidence vote
Bitcoin falls 10% as China intensifies crypto crackdown
Pakistan’s Khan fears ‘civil war’ if no peace deal in Afghanistan
Gaza survivors face rebuilding – again – after Israel’s attack
Euro 2020: What’s at stake in Group B and Group C tonight?
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The sounds of Mexico’s last rainforest
To celebrate World Rainforest Day, we look into Mexico’s fight to save its last rainforest.
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Macron, Le Pen fail to gain traction in French regional elections
Kashmir leaders to urge India’s Modi to restore region’s autonomy
Gems discovered in South Africa are ‘quartz, not diamonds’
Norway rules out boycotting Qatar 2022 World Cup
Israeli PM says Raisi win a ‘wake up’ call over Iran nuclear deal
Japan to allow 10,000 local fans at Tokyo Olympics
Apple Daily could shut ‘in days’ after Hong Kong asset freeze
Armenia’s Pashinyan claims ‘convincing victory’ in snap polls
Hubbard makes New Zealand team, to become first trans Olympian
Copa America 2021: Brazil march on, Chile face ‘barber’ fine
Turkey’s court puts pro-Kurdish party on trial
i24News to be first Israeli channel to open office in UAE
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