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Sensium: Enlightenment – a virtual animal world of colors (LS-ME-590)
In this STEAM LS, I integrate cultural and disability communities heritage into a science lesson. I combine educational material of the Golabz …
From profit-seeking merchants to shareholder capitalism (LS-ME-576)
This museum education learning scenario explores the roots of financial institutions, professions (like stockbrokers and bankers) and historical events with a big …
What Could Have hAPPened (LS-HU-538)
How history could have been different if we had the Internet and smart devices back then? What apps could have changed history? …
Operações Técnicas em Empresas Turísticas (PT-CUR-455)
Pretende-se com a realização deste Cenário de Aprendizagem que os alunos compreendam o quanto é importante através da Animação atrair turistas ao …
Emprendedores a la Fuerza (ES-CUR-421)
Este escenario pedagógico es parte de una serie de materiales de trabajo de la asignatura de Iniciación a la Actividad Económica y …
Advertisements – the Past, Present and Future (LS-MK-359)
Students will gather knowledge of different marketing activities, and recognize the power of marketing tools in the past, present and future (the …
Coding a Sustainable Future (LS-MT-316)
This learning scenario endeavours to empower learners to become self-directed learners and take an active role to deal with real-life problems. The …
Ordinary People of The 60s in Europe (LS-RO-275)
Students of English as a Foreign Language (B2+ level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) reuse historical still images …
Having Fun with Levi (LS-HR-253)
Inventions can be a very useful topic to have your students engaged in the language classroom. The stories about interesting ‘products’ and …
Art Dealers’ Foundation (LS-ES-240)
Versatility is one of the most valuable features from the Europeana platform. Regardless of the subject to be taught, Europeana Collections offers …
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