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If the Walls Could Talk… (LS-PL-589)
“A wall is a very big weapon’ is a quote by Banksy that constitutes a good introduction to this learning scenario aimed …
Adaptation to Climate Change with Technology (LS-TR-587)
Climate Change is one of the most serious issues around the world. It threatens the existence and sustainability of all the livings. …
Hot Air Balloon (LS-TR-565)
This project-based learning scenario was created by class- teacher Umut Şencan from Turkey. In this scenario, flying in a balloon is a unique …
Forms and colors – Victor Vasarely (LS-ME-564)
Explore the connection between geometry and fine arts. With this Europeana Learning Scenario you will discover the possibility to see the transformation …
Playing with cards in Mathematics (LS-GR-561)
Introduction This learning scenario combines game-based learning in mathematics and learning history based on Europeana recourses. Taking as starting point the history …
Bites: when nutrition meets SDGs (LS-ME-554)
Explore how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN are directly or indirectly related to nutrition. With this Europeana Learning Scenario you …
Coding with Europeana (LS-HU-541)
During the #petrikcodeweek of October 2020, we still had the chance to attend school in person. We devoted the whole week to …
Healthy Choices (LS-RO-519)
This interdisciplinary learning scenario refers to healthy eating. It is a two-hour learning scenario, communication and arts. The students, aged between 6 …
RecriARTE – O Que Pode uma Obra de Arte Revelar? (PT-CUR-497)
Este cenário de aprendizagem tem como principais objetivos desenvolver a sensibilidade artística da criança e o seu conhecimento do mundo, através da …
Le Stagioni (IT-CUR-470)
Usiamo le risorse Europeana per mettere in evidenza le caratteristiche di ogni stagione e comprendere l’abbigliamento adeguato ad ognuna. Questo scenario didattico può essere utilizzato come …
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