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Drachen: Spielzeugmuseum der Stadt Nurnberg (Museum Lydia Bayer)
Fly kite… Fly… (LS-EU-586)
Throughout the centuries, kites have been used as a children’s toy, as well as for scientific or military purposes. As a result, …
March – the month of (Romanian) women (LS-RO-579)
Background The pandemic context of teaching and learning forced us to reinvent ourselves, to preserve the affective dimension of the relationship between …
Drina, an iconic woman (LS-HU-577)
Queen Victoria is an iconic figure of history. She was a great queen, wife and mother. Teenagers can learn a lot from …
From black and white to colour: the memory of our city (LS-ES-557)
In this learning scenario, created by José Ramón a member of the Spanish User Group, students learn about the transformations experienced by …
Experiencing the Revolution of 1956 as a Child (LS-HU-517)
The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is an important event in Hungary’s history. This is what inspired my learning scenario. Seeing the revolution …
Why Board Games? (EN-CUR-478)
With this learning scenario, students will explore the twisted aspect of board games. It will determine the importance of play through social …
Herbal Medicine in Your Region and in Europe (EN-CUR-463)
With this learning scenario, students will compare 5 plants used in their region for medicinal purposes. They will write their taxonomy and …
Black and White in Colour-Industrial Heritage (EN-CUR-407)
Many factories were shut down in the town of Sisak after the Homeland War. Lots of people lost their jobs and left …
Nurses’ World War I Stories (EN-CUR-383)
Nurses’ World War I Stories is a learning scenario aimed at teaching and learning storytelling. It is based on facts and fiction …
The Elizabethan Era (EN-CUR-380)
This learning scenario is a combination of English and History lessons. It focuses on the Elizabethan Age (1558-1603) and Queen Elizabeth I …
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