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Mangold, Peter.
From Tirpitz to Gorbachev : power politics in the twentieth century / Peter Mangold.
PublishedBasingstoke, Hampshire : Macmillan Press ; New York : St. Martin's Press, 1998.

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Descriptionviii, 210 pages ; 23 cm
NoteIncludes bibliographical references (pages 174-199) and index.
CONTENTS1 A Deadly Anachronism 1 -- 2 'Militarism Run Stark Mad' 15 -- 3 'This Isn't War' 35 -- 4 A Flawed Experiment 53 -- 5 Remastery of Power 68 -- 6 A Nuclear Education 85 -- 7 'Great in What?' 104 -- 8 Peace in Their Time 123 -- 9 No Other Choice? 142 -- 10 A Conditional Achievement 159.
SUMMARYThis is a history of power politics from the construction of the German battlefleet to Gorbachev's "new thinking". The unwillingness of all the Great Powers to recognize that war, in Ivan Bloch's 1899 phrase, had become "impossible except at the price of suicide", resulted in two unprecedentedly great wars. These in turn gave impetus to a decline of power politics which gathered pace after 1945. Nuclear weapons imposed a straitjacket which Soviet revisionism was unable to break out of. Moral revulsion, technological advance and economic growth facilitated the emergence of a normbased "accomodatory" culture, which now offers a basis for a wider post-Cold War order.
SubjectWorld politics -- 20th century.
ISBN or ISSN0333673522
0312212194 (U.S.)
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