LEADER 00000cam a2200385 a 4500 008 020327s2002 dcu b 000 0 eng 010 2002004867 020 0870031937|q(paperback) 040 DLC|beng|cDLC|dVU 042 pcc 050 00 U793|b.C57 2002 082 00 327.1/74|221 100 1 Cirincione, Joseph.|0http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/ n84150957 245 10 Deadly arsenals :|btracking weapons of mass destruction / |cJoseph Cirincione, with Jon B. Wolfsthal and Miriam Rajkumar. 264 1 Washington, D.C. :|bCarnegie Endowment for International Peace,|c2002. 300 x, 465 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm 336 text|btxt|2rdacontent 337 unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 338 volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 504 Includes bibliographical references. 505 00 |gPart 1|tAssessments and Weapons|g1 --|gChapter 1|tGlobal Trends|g3 --|gChapter 2|tInternational Non-Proliferation Regime|g25 --|gChapter 3|tNuclear Weapons and Materials |g35 --|gChapter 4|tBiological and Chemical Weapons, Agents, and Proliferation|g45 --|gChapter 5|tMissile Proliferation|g69 --|gPart 2|tDeclared Nuclear-Weapon States|g101 --|gChapter 6|tRussia|g105 --|gChapter 7 |tChina|g141 --|gChapter 8|tFrance|g165 --|gChapter 9 |tUnited Kingdom|g171 --|gChapter 10|tUnited States|g175 - -|gPart 3|tNon-NPT Nuclear-Weapon States|g187 --|gChapter 11|tIndia|g191 --|gChapter 12|tPakistan|g207 --|gChapter 13|tIsrael|g221 --|gPart 4|tThree Hard Cases|g237 -- |gChapter 14|tNorth Korea|g241 --|gChapter 15|tIran|g255 - -|gChapter 16|tIraq|g271 --|gPart 5|tStates of Some Concern|g295 --|gChapter 17|tAlgeria|g299 --|gChapter 18 |tLibya|g305 --|gPart 6|tStates That Have Given up Nuclear Weapons|g313 --|gChapter 19|tNon-Russian Nuclear Successor States: Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine|g317 --|gChapter 20|tArgentina|g337 --|gChapter 21|tBrazil|g347 --|gChapter 22|tSouth Africa|g359 --|gAppendix A|tTreaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons|g371 --|gAppendix B |tConvention on The Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction|g387 -- |gAppendix C|tChemical Weapons Convention Fact Sheet|g395 --|gAppendix D|tMissile Technology Control Regime|g403 -- |gAppendix E|tPlenary Meeting of the Missile Technology Control Regime Press Release|g411 --|gAppendix F|tNuclear Supplier Organizations|g413 --|gAppendix G|tWassenaar Arrangement: Dual-Use Export Controls|g421 --|gAppendix H |tComprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty|g425. 520 An authoritative study of the dangers nations face today from weapons of mass destruction and the successes and failures of international nonproliferation efforts. 650 0 Weapons of mass destruction.|0http://id.loc.gov/ authorities/subjects/sh96004190 650 0 Nuclear arms control|xVerification.|0http://id.loc.gov/ authorities/subjects/sh85092944 650 0 Chemical arms control|xVerification.|0http://id.loc.gov/ authorities/subjects/sh90001358 650 0 Biological arms control|xVerification.|0http://id.loc.gov/ authorities/subjects/sh90004232 700 1 Wolfsthal, Jon B.|0http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/ n2002010879 700 1 Rajkumar, Miriam.|0http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/ n2002010884 989 7 deadly_arsenals_tracking_weapons_of_mass_destruction______ _______2002465____caa_______________________________

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