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Chemical arms control -- Periodicals. 3
Chemical arms control -- Sources. : The Hague declaration (IV, 2) of 1899 concerning asphyxiating gases. 19151
Chemical arms control -- Soviet Union. : Poisoning arms control : the Soviet Union and chemical/biological weapons / Mark C. Storella. 19841
Chemical arms control -- United States. : Impact of revised airborne exposure limits on non-stockpile chemical materiel program activities [electronic resource] / Committee on Review and Assessment of the Army Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Demilitarization Program--Workplace Monitoring, Board on Army Science and Technology, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council of the National Academies. c20051
Chemical arms control -- Verification. 13
Chemical arms control -- Verification -- Congresses. 3
Chemical arms control -- Verification -- Iraq. : The UNSCOM saga : chemical and biological weapons non-proliferation / Graham S. Pearson ; foreword by Rolf Ekeus. 19991
Chemical arms control -- Verification -- Iraq -- Interviews. : The United Nations and Iraq : defanging the viper / Jean E. Krasno and James S. Sutterlin. 20021
Chemical biochemistry. : Medical Biochemistry : an illustrated review / Sankhavaram R. Panini. 20131
 Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons -- See Weapons of mass destruction 1
 Chemical bonds -- 5 Related Subjects 5
Chemical bonds. 178
Chemical bonds -- Congresses. 4
Chemical bonds -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2
Chemical bonds -- History. : Chemical bonding and molecular geometry : from Lewis to electron densities / Ronald J. Gillespie, Paul L.A. Popelier. 20011
Chemical bonds -- Mathematical models. 4
Chemical bonds -- Mechanical properties. : The nature of the mechanical bond : from molecules to machines / Carson J. Bruns, J. Fraser Stoddart ; with a foreword by Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Professor Makoto Fujita. 20171
Chemical bonds -- Models -- Congresses. : Modelling of molecular structures and properties : proceedings of the 44th International Meeting of Physical Chemistry on modeling of molecular structures and properties in physical chemistry and biophysics / organised by the Division de chimie physique of the Société française de chimie, Nancy, France, 11-15 September 1989 ; edited by J.L. Rivail. 19901
Chemical bonds -- Periodicals. 2
Chemical bonds -- Research. : Structural investigation of organic donor orbitals and their effects on reactivity in Cubane, Beckmann fragmentaion, and seleniranium systems / Benjamin Harris. 20121
Chemical bonds -- Study and teaching. : The chemical bond : fundamental aspects of chemical bonding / edited by Gernot Frenking and Sason Shaik. 20141
Chemical bonds -- Textbooks. : Chemical bonding / R.D. Harcourt. 19721
Chemical Brothers. 2
Chemical burns. 2
Chemical burns -- Patients -- Pakistan. : Saving face / directed by Daniel Junge, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy ; produced by Davis Coombe, Daniel Junge, Alison Greenberg, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Sabiha Sumar. 20131
Chemical carcinogenesis. 12
Chemical carcinogenesis -- Animal models. : Biochemical and hormonal aspects of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene mammary carcinogenesis in the Sprague-Dawley rat / by Laura C. Minasian. 19761
Chemical carcinogenesis -- Congresses. 10
Chemical carcinogenesis -- Environmental aspects. : Treating weapons proliferation [electronic resource] ; An oncological approach to the spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical technology / David Santoro. 20101
 Chemical carriers (Tankers) -- See also Chemicals Transportation 1
Chemical Composition. : Perry's Handbook Example 13-5 Video Solution / M. Hossein Hariri. c20121
 Chemical composition of organisms -- See Biochemistry
--subdivision Composition under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Composition; Cattle--Composition
 Chemical composition of the earth -- See Geochemistry 1
 Chemical compounds -- See Chemicals
--groups of chemicals, e.g. Acids; Alkalies; Explosives; Nitrogen compounds; and individual chemical substances, e.g. Antimony; Barium; Cupric chloride; Phenol
 Chemical control of pests -- See Pests Control
--subdivision Control under individual and groups of pests, e.g. Rats--Control; Plant parasites--Control
Crustacea -- Chemical defenses. : Chemical communication in crustaceans [electronic resource] / edited by Thomas Breithaupt and Martin Thiel. 20111
Marine organisms -- Chemical defenses. : Antifouling compounds [electronic resource] / Nobuhiro Fusetani, Anthony S. Clare (eds.). c20061
 Chemical defenses, Plant -- See Plant chemical defenses
--subdivision Chemical defenses under individual plants and groups of plants, e.g. Corn--Chemical defenses
Reptiles -- Chemical defenses. 2
 Chemical deicers -- See Deicing chemicals 1
Chemical denudation -- Australia -- New South Wales -- Measurement. : Denudation along a passive margin : a study from southeastern Australia / Frederik Gysbert Fabel. 19941
Chemical denudation -- Australia -- Victoria -- Measurement. : Denudation along a passive margin : a study from southeastern Australia / Frederik Gysbert Fabel. 19941
 Chemical dependence -- See Substance abuse
--subdivision Substance use under classes of persons and ethnic groups
 Chemical dependency -- See Substance abuse
--subdivision Substance use under classes of persons and ethnic groups
 Chemical detectors -- 3 Related Subjects 3
Chemical detectors. 39
Chemical detectors -- Congresses. 19
Chemical detectors -- Data processing. : Computational methods for sensor material selection [electronic resource] / edited by Margaret A. Ryan ... [et al.]. 20081
Chemical detectors -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2
Chemical detectors -- Materials. 2
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