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Ḥaqqānī, Ḥusain, 1956-

Pakistan : between mosque and military / Husain Haqqani.
PublishedWashington, D.C. : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace : Distributor, Brookings Institution Press, [2005]
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Physical description1 online resource (xi, 397 pages) : map
SeriesBooks at JSTOR All Purchased.
BibliographyIncludes bibliographical references and index.
ContentsIdentity and ideology -- Defending ideological frontiers -- Old and new Pakistan -- From Islamic republic to Islamic state -- Afghan jihad -- Military rule by other means -- Jihad without borders -- From ideological to functional state.
Summary"This book analyzes the origins of the relationships between Islamist groups and Pakistan's military, and explores Pakistan's quest for identity and security. Tracing how the Pakistani military has sought U.S. support by making itself useful for concerns of the moment, author Husain Haqqani offers an alternative view of political developments in Pakistan since the country's independence in 1947"--Provided by publisher.
Other authorCarnegie Endowment for International Peace.
JSTOR, issuing body.
SubjectCivil-military relations -- Pakistan.
Islam and politics -- Pakistan.
Pakistan -- Armed Forces -- Political activity.
United States -- Military relations -- Pakistan.
Pakistan -- Military relations -- United States.
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Electronic books.
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Among U.S. allies in the war against terrorism, Pakistan cannot be easily characterized as either friend or foe. Nuclear-armed Pakistan is an important center of radical Islamic ideas and groups. Since 9/11, the selective cooperation of president General Pervez Musharraf in sharing intelligence with the United States and apprehending al Qaeda members has led to the assumption that Pakistan (read more)
About The Author
Husain Haqqani
Husain Haqqani is a visiting scholar in the South Asia Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and an associate professor of International Relations at Boston University. He is former adviser to Pakistani prime ministers, and has served as Pakistan's ambassador to Sri Lanka.
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Professional Reviews
January 1, 2006

Haqqani (Boston Univ.) investigates the deep links between the Pakistani military and the Islamists, and their impact on Pakistan's polity. The military has been primarily responsible for the growth of radical Islamic groups, particularly since the mid-1970s. Pakistan has used these radical elements and religious nationalism both to fuel the conflict in Kashmir (read more)
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Reviewed by 3 people
A very interesting analysis by this seasoned diplomat. One common theme has been that even the hardcore elite of the country have nothing positive to say about this country. Born with a split personality, even it's protagonists could not give any form or shape for the country's ideology either secular or religious. It's unenviable rulers have had to choose from three retirement options, (read more)
Review by danoomistmatiste (LibraryThing)
What is Pakistan? Is it an Islamic state, or is it a state for Muslims? The answer to that question is not unimportant. Husain Haqqani's Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military provides an historical account of which choice Pakistan's civilian and military leaders have made for the country and why. He also discusses the importance of that choice to Pakistan, Pakistan's neighbors, and the (read more)
Review by Bretzky1
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Islamcivil-military relationsterrorism
Militant IslamPakistancurrent affairsUS Foreign Policy
Islamic fundamentalismjihadismBritish EmpireMiddle East
South AsiaSubcontinenthistory
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Espionage; Insurgency; Islam; Martial law; Newspapers; Politics; Rebellions; Summit conferences
Afghanistan; Arab countries; Pakistan; United States--US
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