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USMAI Alphabetical Index: 9781848850415
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9781848850415 (hbk.)Last chance : the Middle East in the balance
9781848850477 (hbk.)Greece, the hidden centuries : Turkish rule from the fall of Constantinople to Greek independence
9781848850477Greece, the hidden centuries : Turkish rule from the fall of Constantinople to Greek independence
9781848850484 (hbk.)Democracy, citizenship and youth : towards social and political participation in Brazil
9781848850507 (hbk.)For the living and the dead : the funerary laments of upper Egypt, ancient and modern
9781848850521Soap and water : cleanliness, dirt and the working classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain
9781848850538 (hbk.)A cultural history of tarot : from entertainment to esotericism
9781848850590 (hbk.)Britain and Arab unity : a documentary history from the Treaty of Versailles to the end of World War
9781848850606 (hbk.)Early Islamic institutions : administration and taxation from the Caliphate to the Umayyads and ʻAb
9781848850613 (hbk.)The formation of Arab reason : text, tradition and the construction of modernity in the Arab world
9781848850620 (hbk.)The state in contemporary Islamic thought : a historical survey of the major Muslim political thinke
9781848850644 (pbk.)Exploring site-specific art : issues of space and internationalism
9781848850699 (hbk.)Beyond Islam : a new understanding of the Middle East
9781848850705 (pbk.)Beyond Islam : a new understanding of the Middle East
9781848850712 (hbk.)Special force : the untold story of 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS)
9781848850750Lonesome : the spiritual meanings of American solitude
9781848850767 (hardback)Islamic finance and law : theory and practice in a globalized world
9781848850798 (hbk.)Empires at war : a short history of modern Asia since World War II
9781848850811 (hbk.)The great humanists : an introduction
9781848850828 (pbk.)The great humanists : an introduction
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