Taliban accused of ‘massacring civilians’ in Afghan border town
US and UK accuse Taliban of killing dozens of civilians in possible ‘war crimes’ in Spin Boldak, south Afghanistan.
Afghanistan: Ghani blames ‘abrupt’ US exit for worsening security
Death toll in Afghanistan floods tops 100, dozens still missing
Afghanistan’s Herat under pressure amid ongoing Taliban assault
Death toll in China’s Henan floods triples to 302, dozens missing
‘Why did my parents leave me so fast?’
China’s Wuhan to test ‘all residents’ as COVID-19 returns
Japan says Belarus athlete safe as US, EU condemn Lukashenko
How UAE-funded film The Misfits became anti-Qatar propaganda
US accuses Myanmar generals of ‘stalling’, urges ASEAN pressure
Congolese man’s death in police custody sparks protest in India
Can Iran’s new President Raisi fix a deeply troubled economy?
Israeli court adjourns appeal against Sheikh Jarrah expulsions
Tokyo 2020 Olympics
COVID likely to lock India’s women out of job market for years
Four officers who warded off US Capitol attack died of suicide
Brazil judges push back against Bolsonaro’s election fraud claims
Malaysia: From COVID role model to a mini-India
Who’s afraid of Hamas summer camps?
Why Turkey wants to be in charge of securing Kabul airport
Corporate courts vs the environment
US leaders, health officials urge COVID jabs amid surge in cases

In Pictures: How two friends chose to share gold at the Olympics

Bangladesh: Rohingya photographers document deadly camp floods
UK summons Iranian ambassador over oil tanker attack
EU sanctions 8 Nicaraguan officials amid wide-reaching crackdown
Hog heaven: China builds pig hotels for better biosecurity
US Senate pushes ahead with $1 trillion infrastructure bill
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From: Inside Story
Will Myanmar’s military leaders keep promise to hold election?
Germany to offer COVID booster shots in September
Wildfires cause further devastation in Turkey, Greece
At least 33 people killed in fuel truck accident in DR Congo
US, UK accuse Taliban of ‘war crimes’ in south Afghan town
Giant panda in French zoo gives birth to female twins
US expands Afghan refugee programme amid escalating violence
Calls rise to extend US eviction ban amid spread of Delta variant
‘Just magical’: How the world reacted to the shared Olympics gold
Assam-Mizoram border clash: Why their police fired at each other
Florida breaks record for daily COVID hospitalisations
Simone Biles set to make her Tokyo 2020 return
Mexico’s referendum on trying former presidents falls short
The UAE’s illegal influence over the United States
The arrest of Thomas Barrack, former adviser to Trump, is shining new light on the illegal UAE influence on the US.
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India’s Sindhu awaits ice cream with Modi after 2nd Olympic medal
‘In limbo’: Beirut blast victims still struggling to return home
Malaysia deploys riot police as MPs attempt march to parliament
‘Challenge your limit’: Pakistani teenager who summited K2
Nigerian doctors strike over pay, inadequate facilities
‘I could hear their screaming. They shouted IN-DO-NE-SIA!’
Israel Supreme Court to reach verdict on Sheikh Jarrah expulsions
Gunmen attack funeral of Hezbollah commander in Lebanon
Belarus Olympic athlete ‘safe’, under police protection
US shot putter Raven Saunders in first Olympic podium protest
Afghanistan: Ghani blames ‘abrupt’ US exit for worsening security
Pfizer, Moderna to raise prices for Europe: Report
US COVID spike: ‘More pain and suffering’ ahead, says Fauci
Jack Dorsey’s Square snaps up Australia’s Afterpay for $29bn
That time an Israeli-Palestinian ice cream feud refused to melt
What an Iraqi baker and a Syrian ice cream maker could teach Ben & Jerry.
Iran’s health minister calls for lockdowns enforced by military
Oil slips on worries of a China slowdown, jump in OPEC output
Canada officially marks first nationwide Emancipation Day
Nearly 400 migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea
Looming US evictions spur growing concerns, calls for action
Qatar’s Barshim, Italy’s Tamberi share Olympic high jump gold
In Pictures: Turkish wildfires leave charred homes and ashes
Bolsonaro supporters rally for change to Brazil’s voting system
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