‘Revenge’: Israel demolishes Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah
Israeli forces tear down the house in overnight raid displacing family of 18 from their home in occupied East Jerusalem.
In Pictures: Palestinian home demolished in Sheikh Jarrah
Jerusalem building with 70 Palestinians faces Israeli demolition
Palestinians decry Israeli plan for settlements near Jerusalem
Blinken warns Ukraine faces ‘unprecedented’ threat from Russia
Iran’s Raisi says Moscow visit ‘turning point’ in bilateral ties
UAE calls for UNSC meeting as coalition renews Yemen air raids
How real is Russia’s threat to deploy missiles to Latin America?
UNRWA in ‘race against time’ for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
Taliban arrests fighter who shot dead Hazara woman at checkpoint
Sri Lanka’s dilemma: Pay off debt or pay for milk, meds and gas
Tonga runway cleared of volcanic ash, aid flights set to resume
Qatar 2022: Football World Cup tickets go on sale

In Pictures: COVID vaccine workers trek Kashmir’s snowy mountains
Turkey: Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline operational after fire put out
It’s time for the SADC region to hold Zimbabwe to account
Tafi Mhaka
Why South Africa should cancel Amazon’s new HQ
Michael Kwet
It is not too late to look up
David Ho
Abbas will not find the ‘political horizon’ he is looking for
Adnan Abu Amer
‘We are homeless’: Victims of twin Afghan quakes await aid
Israel to probe alleged use of Pegasus to spy on its citizens
Tonga says facing ‘unprecedented disaster’, UN prepares relief
Hong Kong to cull 2,000 animals after hamsters contract COVID
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