Colombia to extradite Otoniel to the US as soon as possible
US offered $5m bounty for Dairo Antonio Usuga, who Colombia describes as the world’s most dangerous drug trafficker.
Colombia’s most wanted drug lord captured
Colombia launches ‘elite force’ to target rebels, drug gangs
Drug Trafficking, Politics and Power: The Lost Territories
‘Kill them all, don’t spare anyone’: A massacre in Burkina Faso
Israel to build 1,300 new West Bank settler homes
How Tunisia reached financial meltdown
More than 260 Yemen rebels killed, Saudi-led coalition says
COVID cases in Eastern Europe surpass 20m as outbreak worsens
Husband of charity worker held in Iran goes on hunger strike
‘Sinned in normalising’: Iran leader blasts Arab-Israel deals
Thousands of migrants set off from city in southern Mexico
‘Lost a great sportsman’: Ecuador’s Olympic sprinter shot dead
Civilian shot dead in Kashmir as violence continues
Palestinian critic’s family seeks justice after death in custody
Colombia’s most wanted drug lord captured
‘Lawfare’ and the CIA’s drone war worries
Why Israel is trying to criminalise Palestinian civil society
Fears of a Hamas takeover of the West Bank are exaggerated
How to fight COVID vaccine misinformation?
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From: Inside Story
Ethiopia: The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Tigray
Myanmar activist Ko Jimmy arrested in military raid
Ethiopia launches new air raids on Tigray region: Gov’t
Security forces fire tear gas to disperse protesters in Khartoum
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