Ethiopian forces recapture two key towns from rebels, gov’t says
Ethiopia’s government says it has recaptured the strategic towns of Dessie and Kombolcha from Tigrayan rebels.
Can Ethiopia avert deepening turmoil and prioritise peace?
Lalibela, the World Heritage Site caught in Ethiopia’s war
There is need for a truly independent probe into Ethiopia abuses
Refugees in Lebanon’s Shatila camp on the brink amid aid crisis
Myanmar military halves Aung San Suu Kyi’s sentence to two years
US announces diplomatic boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics
Next pandemic could be more lethal: AstraZeneca vaccine creator
Qatar, Turkey to work together on stabilising Afghanistan
‘We are humans, no?’: Lynched Sri Lankan’s family seeks justice
US economists see higher wages feeding inflation for 3 years
Canada to release more residential school documents: Report
In Armenia, why are just 15 percent fully vaccinated?
The Omicron variant
‘Broken justice system’: World reaction to Myanmar sentencing
US slaps sanctions on DRC national over Gertler ties
Climate migration will worsen the brutality in the Mediterranean
Ian Urbina
The colonial undertones of Omicron travel bans
Rosebell Kagumire
The Biden administration is enabling India’s human rights abuses
Sunita Viswanath
Aid cut-off may kill more Afghans than war
Andreas Stefansson
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India says deliveries of Russian S-400 defence system have begun
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