US moves to assure ‘vital partner’ France over submarine pact
Secretary of State Antony Blinken says US ‘strongly’ welcomes European role in the Indo-Pacific.
China applies to join Asian trade deal abandoned by Trump
US, UK and Australia agree new Indo-Pacific security pact
France accuses Biden of sinking Australia submarine deal
Muslim groups boycott Hilton over planned hotel on Uighur mosque
Guinea coup leaders meet mining execs as ECOWAS talks next steps
Droughts or storms? The dire dilemma of Zimbabwe climate migrants
Infographic: North Korea, South Korea missile programmes compared
Polls open in Russia’s three-day parliamentary election
EU Parliament resolution urges sanctions on Lebanon officials
France accuses Biden of sinking Australia submarine deal
Back to shopping, not to work: What’s up with the US recovery?
Taliban’s Mullah Baradar denies rumours of his death
Protesters hauled away from Evergrande HQ as meltdown fears mount
US Federal Reserve reviews ethics rules after trading revelations
The world should not yet engage with the new Taliban government
The international community should support Afghanistan
Sudan and Ethiopia are nearing a fight over land and water
US border crisis is born of failed climate and migration policies
Jewish anti-Zionist to plead his case for asylum in the UK
Glasgow climate summit at risk of failure, UN chief warns
What you should know about Russia’s parliamentary elections
Mixed response as Hezbollah delivers Iranian fuel to Lebanon
Lebanon gets IMF funding injection. How much will it help?

In Pictures: Kabul airport bears testimony to chaotic US exit
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From: Inside Story
Can the European Union defend itself?
China applies to join Asian trade deal abandoned by Trump
In a COVID hotspot, Canada’s election prompts little enthusiasm
A makeshift migrant camp on Spain’s abandoned Formula One circuit
Somalia crisis deepens as president withdraws PM’s powers
Egypt’s el-Sisi backs December elections in Libya
Chauvin faces charge of civil rights violation in 2017 arrest
Climate change not slowed by the COVID pandemic, UN warns
‘No journalist should die’: EU calls for better media safety
France says leader of ISIL group in Sahel has been killed
The UAE set to invest up to $14bn in post-Brexit UK
Lebanon judge seeks arrest of ex-minister charged in Beirut blast
Venezuela judiciary perpetuates rights abuses: UN investigators
‘Literally begging’: Afghan envoys ‘willing to become refugees’
US, UK and Australia agree new Indo-Pacific security pact
Attacks on Eritrean refugees in Tigray ‘clear war crimes’: HRW
French hospital worker on hunger strike over vaccine mandate
ICC agrees to open investigation into Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’
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From: 101 East
Hong Kong: Candle in the Wind
Haiti PM Henry replaces justice minister after sacking prosecutor
US court dismisses years-long NSA lawsuit, citing ‘state secrets’
In Pictures: SpaceX launches amateur crew on Earth-circling trip
What could an Evergrande debt default mean for China and beyond?
UN ‘concerned’ over N Korea railway-borne missile test
Afghan women dress up in colourful attire in ‘fight for identity’
Probe after Elijah McClain death finds biased policing in US city
Pakistan calls for world to ‘engage’ with Taliban government
From Pakistan to Scotland: The many homes of my mother
My mother is her own universe and has the ability to call a new continent home.
Indonesia quells COVID, but is a new wave on the way?
Court rules against officials in landmark Jakarta pollution case
India conglomerate Tata Group bids for debt-hit national airline
Simone Biles blasts USA Gymnastics, FBI for allowing sex abuse
First all-civilian crew bound for orbit launches aboard SpaceX
Can a new scheme help Singapore’s domestic workers?
Taiwan eyes $8.7bn more for arms as it warns of ‘severe threats’
Three killed, dozens injured as earthquake hits China’s Sichuan
Biden asserts ‘confidence’ in embattled top US General Milley
Canada inflation hits 18-year high as Trudeau faces tight race
Indigenous leaders urge action as Canada’s election nears
Brazil’s top court shelves Indigenous land case, no new date set
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