‘Game-changer’: China to stop funding overseas coal projects
Chinese president Xi Jinping tells United Nations Beijing will support green energy, not coal.
World leaders speak at United Nations General Assembly
‘Verge of the abyss’: Climate change to dominate UNGA talks
World on ‘catastrophic’ path to 2.7C warming, UN chief warns
Too big to fail: Is Evergrande China’s Lehman Brothers moment?
Pakistan’s Imran Khan warns of ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan
Tunisia military judge jails two members of parliament
Photos: War-ravaged Syrian rebel area faces worst COVID surge
Taliban asks to address UNGA after Afghanistan takeover
Amnesty blames top COVID jab makers for vaccine inequality
Rare Australian earthquake triggers panic in Melbourne
Is it time to rethink Bali’s monkey forests?
Duterte chides interference in ‘drug war’, calls for UN reform
‘No one really wins’: Canada vote results near identical to 2019
Taliban sacks Afghan Cricket Board CEO Hamid Shinwari
Infographic: Are nuclear submarines better?
Are Justin Trudeau’s ‘sunny ways’ over?
West Darfur still needs humanitarian help
The Westgate Mall attack and Kenya’s national amnesia
It is time to abort Texas’s abortion law – and much more
Manila mayor announces bid for president of the Philippines

In Pictures: New rivers of molten lava endanger La Palma
Macron and Modi vow to ‘act jointly’ after submarine dispute
US officials fear al-Qaeda threat after fall of Kabul to Taliban
World leaders speak at United Nations General Assembly
US House approves $6.3bn for Afghan refugee resettlement
Namibians protest as MPs to vote on German genocide deal
Toxic gas fears as Canary Islands volcano lava nears sea
UK power firms stop taking new customers amid escalating crisis
Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund plans green debt issuance ‘soon’
Burundi probes grenade blasts, pledges to stamp out ‘terrorists’
Talk of Wagner mercenary deal shines light on Mali power politics
Texas doctor who defied state’s new abortion ban is sued
Bodies of eight migrants found off Spain’s coast
UNGA: Qatar’s emir urges world to engage with the Taliban
PCB chief: Pakistan cricket ‘used and binned’ by ‘Western bloc’
Some 20% of Nigeria’s workers lost jobs to COVID
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From: Inside Story
Why has ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero been jailed?
Prince Andrew is served sexual assault lawsuit in United States
Sudanese officials say coup attempt has failed
Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in unity government
Cash-strapped Evergrande missed interest payments due Monday
Petrol station killing over COVID mask row shocks Germany
India seized $2.7bn in Afghan heroin amid Taliban takeover chaos
Djokovic pictured with ex-commander of feared paramilitary unit
US officials to probe whip-like cords used against migrants
Croatia police try to identify mystery woman with memory loss
Taliban appoints deputy ministers in all-male government
UK data breach puts hundreds of Afghan interpreters ‘at risk’
Hundreds more evacuated as lava spews from Canary Islands volcano
German activists weigh climate crisis as election looms
Russia responsible for killing ex-KGB officer Litvinenko: ECHR
Germany elections
‘Outsider narrative’: Muslims in India’s Bihar fear Assam repeat
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From: The Forbidden Reel
The Communist Revolution
Canada: Trudeau claims ‘clear mandate’ after narrow election win
Zuma fails to appear in court as arms deal trial resumes
Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi pleads not guilty in incitement trial
Afghan girls to return to schools ‘soon as possible’: Taliban
Why Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India attempted mass suicide
India asks UK to revise COVID quarantine rules, warns retaliation
United Nations: Challenges grow but not the budget to meet them
HRW slams Kenya’s response to surge in gender-based violence
Families of Afghans who fell from US plane living in horror
Egypt’s first post-Mubarak ruler, Hussein Tantawi, dies aged 85
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