US military aid arrives in Ukraine amid Russia border tensions
Tens of thousands of Russian troops are amassed at the Ukraine border, escalating tensions with NATO countries.
US and Russia try to lower temperature as Ukraine tensions simmer
Ukraine says Russia recruiting mercenaries, sending arms to east
Russia, US voice hope for diplomacy over Ukraine
The day the world went dark: Survivor recalls disaster in Tonga
New Zealand PM Ardern postpones wedding amid Omicron curbs
Kuwaiti foreign minister visits Lebanon to mend Gulf standoff
At least 7 killed in bus blast in western Afghanistan
UN calls for probe into Saudi-led coalition air raids in Yemen
Omicron ‘sub-variant’ throws up new virus questions
Berlusconi decides against running in Italian presidential race
Palestinians call for probe into Israeli massacres in Tantura
Airbus cancels $6bn contract with Qatar Airways after paint fight
‘If we say noth­ing, we are com­plic­it’
Slew of cas­es in­volv­ing young girls and boys at re­li­gious­ly-linked schools has hor­ri­fied par­ents.
Lebanon teachers strike over conditions as education crisis grows
What to make of the excommunication of Prince Andrew?
Patrick Gathara
Lessons from a failed ‘Palestinian’ film
Hamid Dabashi
Down with McConnell and Manchin, America’s kings of obstruction
Christopher Rhodes
Life, and death, in Guantanamo
Clive Stafford Smith
Sudan deputy leader meets Ethiopia defence minister on rare visit
‘I wanted to die’: Abused migrant women in Lebanon face detention
COVID: Hong Kong leader defends hamster cull
Burkina Faso forces fire tear gas at anti-government protests
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