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ECG is a huge engineering company with many branches in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, France, Berlin, and many more over the world. 
The company specializes in the construction field, thus they wanted a dynamic, convenient, and very modern website to showcase their work.
Code95 has developed and designed the company website in 2019. After passing through an intense journey of brainstorming, and active workshops, we managed to come with Read More
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SEO Services
Branding Services
Mobile Application Development Services
Hosting and cloud solutions
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Web Development Services
Waleed Ghalwash
Amr Mohamed
Osama Ali
I Consult
Ahmed Karim
Operations Officer
Ahmed Abdelaziz
Better Interface
Safaa Mahmoud
Chief Accountant
Karim Ahmed
I Develop
Eman Magdy
Sales Operations
Yomn Magdy
Marketing Manager
Nehal Khaled
Om Alaa
Healthy Food in Code95
Nariman Abbas
Talent Keeper
Sayed Suppagh
Mona Helmy
Talent Keeper
Abdallah Fathy
SEO Specialist
Ahmed Abdallah
Cloud Solution Architect
Naiyera Othman
Business Support Specialist
Yara Mahmoud
Lead Coordinator
Ahmed Abdel Aal
Quality Engineer
Shaymaa Nagah
IOS Developer
Zainab Ahmed
Front-End Developer
Ahmed Torky
Linux System Administrator
Ali Belal
Quality Engineer
Samar Kamel
Projects Coordinator
Hashem Fathy
Backend Developer
Amr Saleh
IOS Developer
Abdallah Abdelgelil
Android Developer
Mahmoud Al Araby
Frontend Developer
Yassine Mostafa
Graphic Designer
Faiyza El Borolosi
Projects Coordinator
Asmaa Saleh
Content Writer
Abanoub Nabil
Junior Front End Developer
Mustafa Talaat
Quality Team Leader
Abdel Hameed Atef
Projects Coordinator
Saleh Darwish
Linux System Administrator
Radwa Sherif
Marketing Specialist
Sherif El Shazly
SEO Specialist
Omar Sayed
Linux System Administrator
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