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Enterprise WordPress development
For projects requiring enterprise WordPress experience, insight, and deep technical expertise, Crowd Favorite is a perfect fit. Founded in 2002 as the first WordPress development agency in the world, Crowd Favorite has developed an international reputation for skillfully engineering enterprise WordPress solutions.
Our team pushes the boundaries of enterprise WordPress development every day through complex API integrations, sophisticated content delivery structures, and more. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to engineer enterprise WordPress development solutions that make sense for enterprise situations.
Our clients love WordPress because it’s easy to use, flexible, and free. Our team loves WordPress because it helps us achieve scalability, stability, and security for our clients’ business solutions.
Deep WordPress Expertise
WordPress plugin development
Crowd Favorite develops custom functionality to extend WordPress to meet your specific business needs. Our WordPress plugin development is forward-compatible and future-focused, so you can continue to make WordPress updates without worrying about plugin issues. Our plugin development capabilities include creating plugins to support third-party integrations, interact with external platform APIs, extend ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and develop unique content generation and export paths.
WordPress theme development
As the presentation layer of your website, the WordPress theme is arguably the most important component and delivery mechanism of your brand. We understand the importance of a website that performs well, provides an exceptional user experience, and delivers your message effectively to prospects and customers alike. For these reasons and more Crowd Favorite specializes in developing custom, performant, and extensible WordPress themes.
Custom WordPress integrations
Our clients typically require sites that go beyond simple marketing content, and that integrate with their existing infrastructure (often involving legacy systems). We’ll work with you closely to define the requirements of your project and develop a solution specifically for your needs.
WordPress as an application framework
We know that WordPress isn’t a “silver bullet” for every problem. Sometimes, it’s only part of the solution. Sometimes, it’s not helpful to the core problem at all. We make every effort to dig into your project requirements and propose an appropriate response. When solutions beyond WordPress are needed – either in addition to, or instead of WordPress – our capable team is ready to build those, as well.
WordPress content migration
We have deep expertise with migrating content into and out of WordPress, even when this involves significant differences in data structures or formats. We’ll work with your team to design and develop a solution that makes it as easy as possible for you to get your content into WordPress from external or legacy systems, and (if needed) get it back out again and into others parts of your systems.
WordPress product and service expertise
We have relationships with many of the top WordPress hosting providers, and have an intimate understanding of the products and services available in the WordPress space. Drawing upon years of experience, we can help you find the tools best suited to your needs.
WordPress security
We perform both automated and peer-reviewed code audits on every change set. Our comprehensive code audit of all internally and externally developed tools strictly adhere to WordPress best practices.
WordPress training
We wish to empower our clients with the knowledge to effortlessly customize and update their site. To that end, we offer our clients several training options, including virtual or in-person training, guided video walkthroughs, and written documentation.
WordPress maintenance, updates, and enhancements
Our ongoing client services (OCS) team is dedicated to delivering post-launch support for our clients, according to their level of need. OCS takes a proactive approach and, having extensive experience with WordPress, can be counted on to stay on top of site maintenance and enhancements, such as plugin updates, testing and implementing new features, and identifying ways to optimize site performance.
“Every single decision was focused on our brand identity and goals. They never veered off on a tangent, even when we did.”
Case Studies
Tucson Electric Power
National Geographic
Sedona Real
Salal Credit Union
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WordPress community
Our team members are active participants and respected thought leaders in the WordPress community. Here’s a collection of our most recent talks.
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