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LINK+ Resource Sharing Library Consortium Bylaws

Article I- Name
The name of this organization shall be LINK+. LINK+ is an unincorporated private, nonprofit association based in California.

Article II- Purpose
To enhance and expand access to and increase the effective utilization of library collections, through collaborative partnerships, among LINK+ members and the creation of an electronic union catalog. In this regard, a primary interest of LINK+ is to realize the consortial benefits, with the participation of all its membership, in a program of online user initiated borrowing from member institutions.

To provide a forum for the discussion of other collaborative activities such as shared collection development, visiting user programs, and cost sharing/reduction programs.

To engage in ongoing activities such as:
Article III- Membership
Section 1- Membership.    The organization shall be open to any library of a separately incorporated institution in California, or contiguous states, that has the Innovative Interface, Inc. integrated library system, or is willing to undertake the programming required to effectively interface with the LINK+ union catalog. Such libraries receiving greater than one-third negative votes by the Members will be denied membership.

Section 2- Responsibilities of Members
All members are expected to comply with the following:
Members pay annual dues to LINK+, with the dues rate set at the Annual Business Meeting to support the work of the organization.
Members are eligible to participate in all joint LINK+ programs, contracts, purchases and licensing agreements. Upon payment of the appropriate institutional fee(s) as set by the Members, or agreed to by the Members with the information producer or vendor, for that program, contract, purchase or agreement.

Section 3- Membership Payments.    LINK+ Fiscal Agent shall issue the annual dues invoices by 1 July. Dues are payable by 1 September each year. New members will be prorated based on when they join.

Section 4- Applications.    Non-member institutions may apply for membership in LINK+ at any time by contacting the Membership Officer. Applicants are reviewed and voted on by the Executive Committee and then if approved taken to the Membership. Such applicants receiving greater than one-third negative votes by the Members will be denied membership.

Section 5- Representation.    Member institutions shall be represented by the individuals who are the chief administrative officers (hereafter referred to as Directors) of the libraries. An Assistant Administrative Officer may represent the Member institution if that person has full decision-making authority for the meeting in question. When voting does take place, a simple majority of those Directors (or Designees) present and voting shall decide the issue. Exceptions are decisions with financial implications which require an affirmative two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the Members.

Section 6- Voting    Voting may take place in person at the annual meeting or electronically through the Directors listserv.
Annual Meeting: Votes will be taken by a show of hands by those attending in person. In the event that some members are participating virtually they will record their votes using the meeting software's method of recognition/voting. A time will be reserved for virtual attendees to identify themselves (name and institution) and voice their votes.
Directors listserv: Ballot items will be announced via the listserv and will include voting instructions and deadlines.

Section 7- Withdrawal/Removal.    Members may withdraw from LINK+ any time during the year upon written notification to the Membership Officer. There will be no refund of dues or other participation fee(s). Members who consistently fail to meet the Responsibilities of Members (Art. III, Sect. 2) may be brought to the Membership for removal from LINK+. An affirmative two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the Members is required to remove a Member.

Article IV- Governance
   A.There shall be two bodies that will oversee LINK+ activities- all of the Directors of Member libraries and the Operations Group,

   B.Directors of the Member libraries will meet at least once a year. Members may choose to attend virtually. Such meetings will approve LINK+ policies, will elect members of the Executive Committee, and will conduct any other business deemed appropriate by the Directors present at the meeting.

   C.Executive Committee, see Article V, Section 1.

   D.Operations Group shall consist of representatives from member libraries. The Operations Group has an Operations Steering Committee governed by the Operations Steering Committee Charge.

Article V- Officers
Section 1- Executive Committee.   There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of seven Directors. Four Directors shall represent academic libraries. Three Directors shall represent the public libraries. The Chair of the Operations Steering Committee will be an ex officio non-voting member.
Section 2- Chair of the Executive Committee.   The Chair of the Executive Committee shall: prepare, and distribute in advance, the agenda for the Annual Business Meeting; chair all Executive Committee meetings; report at each Annual Business Meeting on the actions of the Executive Committee; serve as the liaison with the Operations Group and the Operations Steering Committee; serve as the Chief Official representative of LINK+ to external constituencies; and serve as the Official Liaison between LINK+ and the Fiscal Agent in matters relating to the contractual relationship and budgetary matters.

Section 3- Membership Officer.   The Membership Officer shall: serve as the contact person for information and libraries wishing information about membership in LINK+, shall receive, review for completeness and appropriateness, and maintain records of all applications; shall take the application to the Executive Committee for review, and if approved shall make recommendation to the Members, shall manage the electronic vote for prospective Members, shall follow up with the Fiscal Agent to ensure that proper membership invoicing takes place (if annual dues), and shall inform the Operations Steering Committee Chair of the membership information for the LINK+ Web page.

Section 4- Recorder.   The Recorder shall record actions taken at meetings of the Executive Committee and the Annual Business Meeting and provide any necessary follow-up to ensure that necessary subsequent steps have been taken regarding such actions; prepare and submit information to the Operations Steering Committee Chair for posting on the LINK+ Web page, and keep the official archives of the Organization.

Section 5- Nominations Officer.   The Nominations Officer is the Out-going Chair of the Executive Committee and shall prepare the slate of candidates for the Executive Committee Members according to Article V, Section 1, A.
Article VI- Committees
Article VII- Host Institution and Fiscal Agent
Section 1- Host Institution   
   A.Innovative Interfaces, Inc (III), acts as the Host Institution for LINK+. In this capacity, III serves, when appropriate, as the contact point for technical information regarding LINK+.
In its role as Host Institution, III will annually host at least one Membership Meeting or the Annual Business Meeting

Section 2- Fiscal Agent   
An institution, or other organization, shall be designated by the Members (or the Executive Committee acting for them) as Fiscal Agent. The Fiscal Agent will work with the Membership Officer to invoice and collect LINK+ membership dues, according to the schedule outlined elsewhere in these Bylaws (Article III, Sect. 3). The Fiscal Agent will provide and file the annual financial report of the Organization.
Article VIII- Amendments
Article IX- Adoption
Section 1- Adoption.   The present Bylaws shall be effective immediately upon their adoption by an affirmative two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the Members. Following their adoption, the Bylaws shall be posted to and regularly updated on the LINK+ Web pages.

Article X- Dissolution
Section 1- Dissolution.   Dissolution of this organization is possible only after a paper mail ballot, which requires an affirmative two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the Members; such results can only be announced at the Annual Business Meeting. Upon dissolution of the organization, any remaining assets or liabilities of the organization will be distributed equally to the Members in good standing at the time of such dissolution.

Article XI- Parliamentary Authority
In the absence of provisions in these Bylaws, the provisions of the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority.

Last updated: July 29, 2014
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