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Not all LINK+ libraries have resumed service. Click here for a list of participating libraries.

LINK+ Union Catalog

Quarantine and other COVID-19 policies may result in delays.

LINK+ is a union catalog of contributed holdings from participating libraries in California and Nevada.

Patrons from member libraries electronically request an item not available in their own library and it is delivered to them for check-out.

LINK+ is available to authorized patrons of the participating libraries.

LINK+ may be accessed directly at or while using the local catalogs of participating libraries.

Books and media may be borrowed if they are listed as "available" in the union catalog.

An item may arrive at the requestor's library in 2 to 4 days. Books and some media will be held for up to 10 days. Selected media will be held for up to 5 days.

The loan period for books and some media is 21 days with one 21-day renewal. The loan period for selected media is 7 days. No renewal is allowed for media selected for 7-day loan.

There is no charge to request or borrow LINK+ materials

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