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Searching CiteSeerX Effectively
Document Searches
CiteSeerx uses Solr as its core search engine. Solr is based upon Lucene; a good overview of the supported query syntax may be obtained by reading the Lucene query parser syntax.
CiteSeerx supports complex queries based on the following fields:
For example,
venue:"journal of the acm" AND author:"j kleinberg"
By default (if no fields are specified) CiteSeerx will search the title, author, abstract, and text fields in parallel.
Author Searches
CiteSeerx supports Proximity and Boolean queries. Please note that adjacent words will default to one word proximity.
For example, an author search using a full name may not return complete results.
NOT GOOD: jon kleinberg
This will not return all records authored by Jon Kleinberg. Rather, it will only return records for which the first name "Jon" is included unabbreviated.
In author searches, it may be better to use the last name only or the first initial and the last name; i.e.,
GOOD: kleinberg
BETTER: j kleinberg
Due to author normalizations included within the CiteSeerx index, the latter query will match authors listed as "J Kleinberg", "Jon Kleinberg", and even "Jon M Kleinberg"
Citation Searches
Unlike the old CiteSeer system, citations and full documents are included within the same index in CiteSeerx. By default, citations for which we have no accompanying document file will not show up in search results. If it is desirable to include these records in search results, simply check the "Include Citations" checkbox on the search form.
Search Plugins
CiteSeerx offers three Search plugins for browsers which supports the Open Search 1.1 specification. To add a plugin just click over it.
Capitalization Does Not Matter
CiteSeerx is NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for "bollacker", "Bollacker", and "bOlLaCkEr" will all return the same results.
Table Search
CiteSeerx allows the user to search for tables embedded in documents. Users can search for keywords and text in snippets in or around the tables.
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