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Deep Blue Data is a repository offered by the University of Michigan Library that provides access and preservation services for digital research data that were developed or used in the support of research activities at U-M.
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Featured Works
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Retinal fundus images for glaucoma analysis: the RIGA dataset
Creator: Almazroa, Ahmed
Keywords: Medical imaging, Optic cup, Image processing, Optic disc, Glaucoma, Optic nerve head, Image segmentation, Fundus images, Automated glaucoma screening system
Neighborhood Effects: Food Environment
Creator: Data Driven Detroit, Yan, Xiang (Jacob), Okullo, Dolorence, Gomez-Lopez, Iris N., Veinot, Tiffany C., Goodspeed, Robert
Keywords: Food Deserts, Census tract level, Full-Line Grocery Stores, Modified Retail Food Environment Index (MRFEI), Farmer’s Markets, Spatial Measures, Fast Food Establishments
Video data of predation and parasitism by arthropods on small vertebrates in lowland Peruvian Amazon
Creator: Grundler, Michael C, Grundler, Maggie G, Herrera, V.
Keywords: Amazonia, predator-prey, spiders, opposums, frogs, myiasis
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