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REPORT | MAY 10, 2021
The Marketing and Advertising Agency Report 2021: Navigating Pressures and Seizing Opportunities Through a Pandemic and Beyond
The agency ecosystem is complex. This report explains how the pandemic affected the landscape while also reviewing long-standing challenges and opportunities that agency professionals face as they balance the needs of clients with the complexities of running their business.
REPORT | MAY 6, 2021
Analyst Take: How Brands in Latin America Are Addressing Diversity and Representation in Advertising
Brands in Latin America are striving to be more inclusive, especially of groups who have been historically underrepresented, excluded, and stereotypically portrayed in advertising.
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REPORT | APR 29, 2021
Worldwide Digital Ad Spending 2021: Surprisingly Resilient 2020 Presages Another Surge
Last year, China was the only market to see overall ad spending growth, although digital ad spending performed well almost everywhere. This year, every country will see growth in almost every category.
REPORT | APR 29, 2021
Canada Digital Ad Spending 2021: Strong Growth to Return as a Recovery Looms
An expected economic recovery in 2021 bodes well for Canada’s advertising market.
REPORT | APR 29, 2021
UK Digital Ad Spending 2021: Strong Pandemic Gains Cement Digital’s Dominance
Digital advertising confounded the conditions of the past year or so and will attract more than three-quarters of total media ad spending in 2021—£19.23 billion ($24.66 billion). Video has been the biggest driver of digital spend during this time.
REPORT | APR 29, 2021
France and Germany Digital Ad Spending 2021: Lackluster Growth in 2020 Fuels a Surge This Year
Total ad spending in France and Germany took a big hit in 2020, as a result of the pandemic. But digital advertising bucked that trend and will lead a strong double-digit recovery in ad outlays during 2021.
REPORT | APR 29, 2021
Latin America Ad Spending 2021: 6 Key Figures and Trends for a Post-Pandemic World
This report explores the impact the pandemic has had on our latest regional estimates and trends for total media, traditional media, digital, and mobile ad spending in six markets in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.
REPORT | APR 28, 2021
Analyst Take: What Advertisers Need to Know About Addressable and Programmatic TV in 2021
Addressable and programmatic TV ad spending continues to rise as the TV industry undergoes technological change.
REPORT | APR 27, 2021
US Ecommerce by Category 2021: How the Pandemic Reshaped the Ecommerce Landscape—and What that Means for 2021
The pandemic led to unprecedented growth in US ecommerce sales. Even as sales growth returns to somewhat normal levels in 2021, total sales will far exceed our pre-pandemic estimates.
REPORT | APR 21, 2021
Analyst Take: The Outlook for US Podcast Ad Spending in 2021
Podcasts were one of the few areas to have weathered the pandemic without sustaining ad spending losses.
REPORT | APR 16, 2021
Canada Mobile Banking Emerging Features Benchmark 2021: How the Top 7 Canadian Banks Stack Up on Offering Consumers’ Most Valued Features
This inaugural study, weighted based on responses to a consumer survey, ranks the seven largest Canadian financial institutions by assets according to their mobile banking capabilities. It presents detailed benchmarking data on the availability of 42 mobile features, selected by analysts based on their propensity to set FIs apart.
REPORT | APR 15, 2021
US Virtual and Augmented Reality Users 2021: XR Use Expands Beyond Fun and Games
This report provides our latest forecasts for VR and AR users in the US and examines some market dynamics affecting the maturation of immersive technologies.
REPORT | APR 14, 2021
US Digital Ad Spending 2021: Investments in Video and Performance-Oriented Ads Drive Pandemic Gains
US advertisers increased their investments on digital media by almost 15% last year despite a pandemic and recession, looking for flexibility and accountability.
REPORT | APR 14, 2021
The Rise of Real-Time Payments: US Payment Processes Face Disruption as Faster Payment Systems Gain Popularity
Faster payments, which enable the quick settlement of transactions, are attracting greater interest from US financial institutions, businesses, and consumers, creating new challenges and opportunities for payments incumbents.
REPORT | APR 9, 2021
Publishers and Commerce 2021: Content Publishers Drive Evolution in the Affiliate Channel
Here’s how publishers are developing and expanding their ecommerce monetization strategies, and how brands and retailers can partner with them to drive purchases in the affiliate channel.
REPORT | APR 6, 2021
Blockchain in Payments: A Grounded Look at the Emerging Use Cases for Blockchain in Payments with Real Potential
Blockchain is attracting enormous interest on the back of surging cryptocurrency valuations and increasingly high-profile payment integrations. But as a real payment currency, blockchain-based cryptocurrency still must overcome many hurdles before it can truly disrupt the space.
REPORT | APR 1, 2021
Clubhouse and Social Audio 2021: Straight Talk About When and How Marketers Should Get Involved
Clubhouse has buzz, but social audio isn’t as simple as it looks. The most promising marketing use cases are for thought leadership, virtual events, and influencer marketing.
REPORT | MAR 31, 2021
The US Wealth Management Ecosystem: These Are the Key Players, Biggest Shifts, and Trends Driving Digital Transformation in the $29.1 Trillion Industry
Digital transformation is vital for wealth managers, as consumer expectations are changing, fiscal pressures are tightening, and competition is stiffening. These drivers have been further accelerated by the pandemic. But transformation efforts across the front, middle, and back office can help incumbents get their services up to speed and better compete with fintech wealth managers that are challenging the status quo.
REPORT | MAR 30, 2021
Social Media Update Q1 2021: Twitter Without Trump, Facebook Without News, and Our New Forecast for Time Spent with Social Networks
The major social platforms hit the ground running in 2021, making substantial investments into many of today’s top social trends: audio, influencers, and short video, to name a few.
REPORT | MAR 29, 2021
Q1 2021 Digital Video Trends: Netflix, Disney, and YouTube Collect Most OTT Subscription Revenues
Digital video subscription fees are rising amid a cord-cutting surge, and Netflix, Disney, and YouTube are chief among those reaping the benefits.
REPORT | MAR 29, 2021
Credit Cards in the ‘Next Normal’: Strategies Leading US Credit Card Providers Are Using to Reimagine Products and Messaging as the Vaccine Rolls Out
After the coronavirus pandemic forced issuers to adapt rewards, enhance forbearance, and build out digital tools to cope with a volume hit in 2020, they’re looking to reimagine their offerings in the future to add new customers and regain primary card status.
REPORT | MAR 25, 2021
The Social Determinants of Health: How Hospitals and Insurers Use Digital Health to Tackle Nonclinical Health Factors and Boost Outcomes
This report explains the rise of tech-focused SDOH initiatives among US health insurers and hospitals, unpacks how these entities’ heavier focus on SDOH has ushered in opportunities for digital health vendors and tech companies operating at the periphery of healthcare to help address nonclinical health gaps, and lays out the factors driving the prioritization of SDOH and inhibiting these efforts’ growth.
REPORT | MAR 24, 2021
US Click and Collect in 2020 and 2021: Massive Growth, 5 Big Players, and Permanent Behavioral Changes
US click-and-collect sales more than doubled in 2020, driven by the coronavirus pandemic, and will sustain double-digit growth rates over the next four years. Over 150 million people will make a purchase via click and collect at least once in 2021.
REPORT | MAR 23, 2021
Customer Experience 2021: The Importance of Delivering Best-in-Class Experiences
For years, delivering strong customer experience (CX) has been critical to an organization’s success—yet it’s still difficult to deliver on. Here’s how marketers need to think about CX success in 2021.
REPORT | MAR 18, 2021
The 5G Innovation Ecosystem: Developing Use Cases with 25 Startups to Watch in 5G
In addition to building next-generation smart network infrastructure, 5G startups are piloting use cases across industries that take advantage of the performance advancements of 5G connections.
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