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Chinese vice president visits southeastern Tibet's Nyingchi area
Chinese vice president urges Tibetans to follow Party line to build better future
Vice President Xi Jinping Thursday urged Tibetans to unswervingly follow the Communist Party of China (CPC) to build a brighter future.
Chinese vice premier stresses ethnic unity in visit to southern Tibet prefecture
Chinese vice premier calls for intensified efforts to ensure work safety
Beijing publicizes expenditures for gov't-funded overseas trips, vehicles, receptions
China on Friday welcomed the Canadian federal court's decision of upholding the deportation of one of China's most wanted fugitive Lai Changxing.
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said in Bali Thursday that China hopes to make joint effort with Vietnam to advance the bilateral relations on the right track.
China strives for shared development and pragmatic cooperation with ASEAN countries to promote peace, stability and prosperity in East Asia, said Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi at the ASEAN Plus China Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Bali, Indonesia Thursday.
Chinese ambassador presents credentials to Angolan president
Efforts to boost transparency will help iron out improper practices: analysts
People's Daily pushes Party cadres to focus on microblogging
China to use part of land sale revenues to boost education
Fourth Plenary Session Anti-corruption
 Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Interview: Europe to benefit from China's "fascinating" development -- German expert [ 17:18 October 19 2017]
440 senior officials investigated for corruption [ 17:16 October 19 2017]
“China was on the brink of entering a new chapter”: VP of Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific [ 14:18 October 19 2017]
Homegrown hearts power domestic smartphone sector [ 13:38 October 19 2017]
Old Summer Palace marks 157th anniversary of massive loot [ 13:11 October 19 2017]
Chinese doctor saves passenger on US trip [ 10:57 October 19 2017]
China sees growing "Panda bond" issuance: central bank [ 09:29 October 19 2017]
China asks for int'l efforts to accelerate Palestine-Israel peace process [ 09:19 October 19 2017]
China asks for int'l efforts to accelerate Palestine-Israel peace process [ 09:19 October 19 2017]
Interview: CPC-led China offers hope for better world -- Turkish party leader [ 20:59 October 18 2017]
President Xi encourages graduates of China-championed institute to be leaders [ 20:52 October 18 2017]
Cuban Communist Party leader confident in success of CPC congress [ 20:47 October 18 2017]
CPC speeds up modernization drive toward "great" socialist China [ 20:11 October 18 2017]
CPC opens 19th National Congress, declaring "new era" of Chinese socialism [ 19:33 October 18 2017]
Highlights of Xi's report to 19th CPC National Congress [ 17:57 October 18 2017]
China ready to provide more assistance for Marawi’s post-war reconstruction [ 16:36 October 18 2017]
Environmental inspection helps China’s economic restructuring [ 14:13 October 18 2017]
Xi pledges "sweeping victory" in anti-corruption [ 13:48 October 18 2017]
China to scrap "shuanggui" practice: Xi [ 13:44 October 18 2017]
Xi offers condolences over deadly terrorist bombing in Somalia [ 13:06 October 18 2017]
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