Blast kills at least 25 near school in Afghan capital Kabul
Interior ministry says at least 52 people were wounded in the blast, many of them students.
‘A challenge’ for Afghan military as US leaves Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Nearly 1,600 child casualties in the past five years
Who will keep Afghanistan safe as foreign troops leave?
Who tried to kill Mohamed Nasheed?
Hundreds hurt as Palestinians protest evictions in Jerusalem
India records more than 4,000 COVID-19 deaths in a day
Saudi Arabia-Pakistan agree to mend strained ties
‘Not $1’: US lawmaker urges end to complicity in Israeli abuses
Muslim women are reviving forgotten tradition of Quran recitation
Libya: Gunmen storm hotel used as Presidential Council HQ
Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church patriarch condemns Tigray ‘genocide’
Fighters of breakaway Muslim group storm southern Philippine town
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COVID-stricken Iran to ban local travel ahead of Eid al-Fitr
Chad police use tear gas to disperse anti-military gov’t protests
Myanmar army says no ASEAN envoy visit until stability restored
Iran-backed PMFs are destabilising Iraq’s disputed regions
Diversity efforts in universities are nothing but façade painting
Canada’s blackout of Israel’s crimes against humanity
Rich countries drained $152tn from the global South since 1960
WHO approves emergency use of China’s Sinopharm vaccine
Maldives: Nasheed off life support after surviving bomb attack
Colombia’s Duque seeks to calm protest as grievances fester
Super League trio face sanctions after nine clubs sign UEFA deal
Nepal at risk of COVID ‘catastrophe’ amid alarming rise in cases
Crypto crackdown, Doge mania, space tourism and a big divorce
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From: The Listening Post
‘Foreign agents and extremists’: Russia’s attack on critics
Palestinians criticise social media censorship over Sheikh Jarrah
Grand jury indicts former cops on violating Floyd’s civil rights
‘George Floyd was a great man’: Minneapolis precinct arsonist
How much is that Dogecoin in the window worth?
Carers at Google Children’s Centers demand transportation support
Texas latest US state to advance Republican-backed voting limits
Pakistani Prime Minister Khan visits Saudi Arabia to reset ties
Biden gives US renters $21.6bn lifeline as eviction crisis looms
COVID vaccine donations matter more than waivers, EU leaders say
Amnesty redesignates Russia’s Navalny as prisoner of conscience
California’s population drops for the first time in history
Houthis ‘passed up major opportunity’ by refusing UN meeting: US
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From: Inside Story
Who will keep Afghanistan safe as foreign troops leave?
Sheryl Sandberg joins business leaders pact against death penalty
Burkina Faso attacks displace thousands in 10 days: UN
France warns Lebanon’s leaders against ‘collective suicide’
Maldives police say bomb blast targeting Nasheed ‘act of terror’
Lockdowns slam brakes on Canada’s jobs market recovery
Possible Israel war crimes in East Jerusalem land right case: UN
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Exposing the war in Tigray, Ethiopia
Concerns are growing that the fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray is starting to resemble a campaign of ethnic cleansing.
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Mexico questions USAID contributions to anti-graft group
Do woker workplaces await mothers who quit jobs due to pandemic?
Trump’s ‘mini revolution’ is missing a megaphone
UK scientists warn over Indian COVID ‘variant of concern’: Report
US economy adds 266,000 jobs in April, in major expectations miss
China says ‘extremely low’ risk of damage from rocket debris
Ecuador abortion rights victory hailed as latest in ‘tidal wave’
Two Palestinians killed by Israeli troops after alleged attack
Afghanistan: Nearly 1,600 child casualties in the past five years
UK to offer under-40s alternative to AstraZeneca vaccine
Global COVID-19 death toll more than double the estimates: study
India's COVID crisis
Germany’s third COVID wave ‘appears broken’, health minister says
Qatar encourages positive discussions in US-Iran nuclear talks
Kashmir doctors prohibited from speaking to media as COVID rages
‘Carnage’: 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro’s deadliest police raid
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