Qatar encourages positive discussions in US-Iran nuclear talks
Qatari foreign minister calls for reduction in tensions with Tehran, dialogue between Iran and GCC nations.
Nuclear deal possible if Iran makes political decision: US
Israel’s ‘shadow war’ and plans to scupper Iran’s nuclear deal
Iran’s Khamenei reprimands foreign minister over leaked audiotape
Trump’s ‘mini revolution’ is missing a megaphone
Former Maldives president hurt in suspected bomb attack
Qatar orders arrest of finance minister amid probe
At least 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro’s deadliest police raid
‘A challenge’ for Afghan military as US leaves Afghanistan
Rights groups slam UAE official’s Interpol president candidacy
In Washington, a debate grows over conditioning aid to Israel
To the moon? Musk’s SpaceX Starship passes its biggest test yet
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? In the Hall of Fame
Latest Australia News
Latest Bangladesh News
COVID-19 and the battle over vaccine IP rights
New York blasts broadband firms for fake net neutrality comments
Ramadan: South Asia’s dying traditions on waking up the faithful
Practice of waking up before dawn for suhoor gave birth to several traditions in the region. But they are fading away.
Canada’s blackout of Israel’s crimes against humanity
Rich countries drained $152tn from the global South since 1960
Further militarisation will not end Mozambique’s insurgency
Peace is possible in Afghanistan
Morocco recalls ambassador to Germany over Western Sahara
Coinbase hits record low as investors flock to Dogecoin, Binance
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From: Inside Story
Will military action stop violence in eastern DR Congo?
Germany to offer Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to all adults
Egypt and Turkey hold ‘frank’ official talks, first since 2013
Nuclear deal possible if Iran makes political decision: US
US: NATO ‘door remains open’ to nations that meet conditions
Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Tokyo Olympic athletes
Judge temporarily stays ruling in eviction moratorium case
China emissions greater than all developed nations combined
Ireland urges UK not to block ‘Troubles’ prosecutions
India’s worst COVID record: Over 400,000 new cases, 3,980 deaths
About 170 endangered seals found dead on Russia’s Caspian coast
Taliban captures key Afghan dam as fighting rages
US jobless claims, proxy for layoffs, hit new pandemic low
Somalia restoring ties with Kenya after nearly six months
Republican-backed law limits absentee voting in Florida
UK, France send patrol boats to Jersey amid fishing rights row
Mistaken identity: FBI probe into Jan 6 rioters sees challenges
Malawi orders thousands of refugees to return to overcrowded camp
Turkey holds rates steady despite inflation rise
Peru’s COVID crisis: ‘Almost all Peruvians know someone who died’
LRA commander Dominic Ongwen sentenced to 25 years in prison
French foreign minister in Beirut for talks to end gov’t deadlock
ECJ adviser says Polish moves to discipline judges break EU law
Palestinian teen killed during Israeli raid on West Bank village
Ethiopia replaces head of interim gov’t in war-wracked Tigray
Former Afghan TV host shot dead in Kandahar city
China slams New Zealand parliament’s motion on Uighur abuses
Demands grow as Colombians hold eighth day of mass protests
Israel’s president taps opposition leader Lapid to form new gov’t
G7 ends talks with criticism of China and Russia
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From: The Bottom Line
What is the ‘Great Game’ between Russia and the United States?
India's COVID crisis
‘I can’t forget the desperate sound of people trying to breathe’
UK elections to test national mood, strength of union
US: Vigils, rallies mark day of awareness for Indigenous victims
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From: 101 East
Sweden’s Thai Berry Pickers
India COVID crisis: ‘A graveyard of the young’
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From: People & Power
South Africa: My Father Died For This
Photos: Jordan in the grip of ‘severe’ drought
China suspends economic dialogue with Australia as ties worsen
Climate change brings gains for some Vietnam farmers at a cost
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