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Published on July 19, 2021
The Academic Writing Centre: summer tutorials and workshops The Academic Writing Centre is coming back this summer. We will be doing all our work remotely, and we hope this will enable as many students as possible to access our services. Whether you are working on repeat assignments, theses, or other projects, you are all welcome to avail of the following services: 1. Questions over the email:.  If you have a quick question in relation to your project, please access the Academic Writing Centre on Blackboard (in the Community tab). Use the General Questions tab to post your question, and we will post a reply as soon as we can.  2. One-on-one consultations on Teams.  If you are interested in a consultation to improve your writing, please fill out this form . Please note that these get booked out fast, as our hours are limited this summer.  3.  Group workshops.  Depending on the demand, we will hold one or several workshops every week. The first workshop takes place on 23 July .  We
Published on July 12, 2021
In our Open Voices series Wei and Hardy from the Open Scholarship Community Galway (OSCG) speak to Marie Agergaard and Marla Dressel from the University of Amsterdam about their role in the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS) :   Wei: Marla and Marie, it is nice to meet you! To start our conversation, I am wondering if you could share a little bit more about yourself and your academic background? Marie : I am currently doing a Research Master in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam , where I am majoring in social psychology and minoring in psychological methods and statistics. Broadly my research interests lie in emotions. Marla : I did a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Groningen , which is also in the Netherlands. Like Marie, I am currently doing the Research Master’s in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I am majoring in brain & cognition and minoring in psychological methods. My main interest is social and antisocial neuro
Published on July 06, 2021
The Library requests that academic staff publish their module reading lists via the Reading List Service for Semester I by Friday August 6th . This will give us sufficient time to: review the reading list purchase available e-books purchase print copies of new books process the digitisation of requested chapters/articles check e-links All reading lists must be created and published using the Reading List System . This enables us to process the reading lists efficiently and manage the volume of ordering and digitisation requests. It also ensures ease of access for students via the Blackboard module.  There are a range of short helpful video tutorials as well as our printed user guide available from our Reading Lists Page .  Academic staff new to the Reading List Service , may be particularly interested in the the following tutorials: Creating and Structuring a Reading List Adding Resources and Publishing your Reading List Requesting a Book Chapter for Digitisation   Collection Developme
Published on July 01, 2021
Post by Ailish Larkin As someone who, on a personal level, tries to be thoughtful about where she shops, for example doesn’t use Amazon, and tries to support local businesses, the academic publishing business model always made me somewhat uneasy. On reading this article in the Guardian one weekend, I realised the outrageous profits accrued in the industry. I had a notion of what Open Educational Resources were and liked the equitable and accessible idea of them. I decided I needed to research OER more thoroughly. The Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland summer seminar was held at Shannon College of Hotel Management in 2019 and included a lively world café on Open Science/Scholarship . From then I was hooked. Through subsequent outreach activities, faculty at Shannon College are well apprised of the benefits of OER, and in one module we were able to save students a total of €3750 through swapping a commercial textbook for an OER. In the spring/summer of 20
Published on June 24, 2021
In anticipation of the return of Wimbledon this year, we took the opportunity to review some of our tennis related Library resources.  Open : an autobiography. Andre Agassi.  Considered one of the finest and most honest of sports autobiographies, Andre Agassi documents the many highs and lows of his career.  Available at 796.342092 AGA   Game, set, match : Billie Jean King and the revolution in women's sports. Susan Ware  In this winning combination of biography and history, Susan Ware argues that King's challenge to sexism, sparked a women's sports revolution in the 1970s.  Available at  796.342092 KIN.W    Battle of the Sexes This engaging 2017 film, details the Billy Jean King match against the controversial Bobby Riggs (covered in the title above). This was a huge event in 1974- notably, drawing the largest crowd ever to watch a tennis match at the time. Emma Stone and Steve Carrell get to enjoy themselves.   Available at 791.4372 BAT (Audio Visual Collection) Borg vs
10 million hits and growing!
Published on June 24, 2021
ARAN downloads and page views have now surpassed 10 million, leaving no doubt that authors can reach a much wider audience and boost their citations by adding their publications to the institutional repository. Since January this year 616,524 files have been downloaded from ARAN, 424 publications have been submitted to it by NUI Galway authors, including 81 PhD theses. The largest number of download hits in the past 6 months have come from Russia and the US.  In 2019 the Irish Government outlined Ireland’s ambitions for open research in the National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment (NORF, 2019) which includes 28 objectives. Progress and challenges are summarised in a recent landscape report . One of the challenges in relation to institutional repositories such as ARAN is ensuring that they meet evolving Open Access technical and metadata requirements. ARAN is OpenAIRE compliant meaning that funder and project information is captured in the require
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Published on June 11, 2021
  Beauty in Nature As befits the time of year, this blog focuses on some of the wonderfully illustrated botanical works held in Special Collections. The library has been collecting such works since it opened in 1849. In the 19 th century, painstaking and accurate representation of plant characteristics was critical as there was no other media to convey the plant’s appearance. This is so unlike today when we can use film and digital images so successfully. Despite this, however, the art of botanical illustration is still alive and well as some of the fine drawings in more recent publications will attest. This example of 19 th century illustrated works was among a series, unusually at that time, more aimed at the amateur gardener and botanist rather than the scientific or professional gardening community . Familiar Garden Flowers is primarily the work of James Shirley Hibberd (1825-1890), credited with promoting amateur gardening in Britain for the first time.   Familiar Wild Flowers
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