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facts in brief

Part of Braun and Hogenebrg II-58 map

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1575, Braun and Hogenberg, Civitates ..., map II-57

1575, Braun and Hogenberg, Civitates ..., map II-58

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1646, Matthaeus Merian

1760-s, Antonio Borg, Piani diversi..., pl. 127

1764, J. Roux, Receuil des principaux plans..., pl. 52

1764, J.-N. Bellin, Le petit atlas maritime, v. III, pl. 81

Facts in brief:
Founded by Libyans; flourished after Muslim conquest in 7th cen.; controlled by Hafsid dynasty from 13th cen. to the 16th cen.; taken twice by Spain in the 16th cen.; fell in 1574 to Turks who held it until French occupation in 1881.

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