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Ex Libris and IGeLU have agreed a framework for product enhancement known as the Product Development Collaboration Agreement. This sets the framework for enhancement processes to be followed for the various Ex Libris products, and allows for voting by IGeLU members on product development priorities.
Enhancement cycles for individual products are coordinated by the relevant Product Working Groups, using the central IGeLU- and ELUNA-maintained enhancement request system, NERS (the New Enhancement Request System). You will need to be a member of either IGeLU or ELUNA to participate in the voting cycles, and to use NERS.
One institution-one vote
IGeLU and ELUNA member institutions get one vote per institution according to our enhancement agreement with Ex Libris, regardless of an institution membership in one or both user groups.
The only exception is where consortia have a vote and consortia members also choose to have individual memberships, which entitles them to get a direct vote as well. See Consortial Membership for more information.
See the following pages for details of the enhancement procedures and voting cycles for each product:
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