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Change to Part 1 Language Code
The Part 1 code [bh] for Bihari languages has been deprecated per ballot of the Joint Advisory Committee for ISO 639. There is still a part 2 code [bih] which can be used for this language group. The code tables have been updated to reflect this change.
The Registration Authority for ISO 639-3 is accepting Change Requests for 2021 until August 31, 2021. Please submit all relevant forms and additional supporting documentation by that date for consideration this year. Read more >>
This is the official site of the ISO 639-3 Registration Authority and thus is the only one authorized by ISO. Please read the section on "Information on ISO 639-3" to learn about the Standard. 
The history of any change request may be viewed on its documentation page of the pattern:
Likewise, the history of any code element may be viewed on its documentation page of the pattern:
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