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Home » Local » European observers commend ‘integrity, transparency’ of elections
European observers commend ‘integrity, transparency’ of elections
Delegation says Jordanians ‘rise to the challenge’ of organising polls
By JT - Sep 21,2016 - Last updated at Sep 22,2016
Members of an electoral committee in Amman’s 3rd District sort ballots after voting ended late on Tuesday (Photo by Raad Adayleh)
AMMAN — The International Election Commission (IEC) organised the parliamentary vote “with integrity and in full transparency”, observers from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) said on Wednesday.
In a statement, PACE commended “the professionalism and courtesy of the members of the polling stations that the delegation met during its visit”.
The IEC invited the assembly to send a delegation to observe the elections, and 13 members from seven European countries were deployed in six teams to monitor the vote in Amman, Central Badia, Balqa, Jerash, Madaba, Maan, Karak, Tafileh and Irbid.
The delegation also met with candidates, the interior minister, the IEC’s secretary general and representatives of civil society during a four-day visit to Jordan, the statement said.
“Jordanians called to organise new elections, within a completely new legislative framework, have risen to this important challenge,” the assembly said.
Some aspects of the electoral process could be improved, the delegation said, by receiving advice from the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.
“The [Elections Law] and its executive instructions should better regulate the issue of the ‘prolonged election campaign’ which continued on voting day right up to the doors of the polling centres,” PACE said.
“The law should also consider whether the choice of the type of method of voting with a ballot in the form of a small booklet is the most appropriate in terms of legibility for voters and handling of the counting process,” it added.
PACE welcomed the use of cameras to monitor the vote count, “which allowed all observers to see the contents of each ballot”.
Jordan’s Parliament obtained the status of “Partner for Democracy” with PACE in 2016.
“PACE salutes the commitment demonstrated by members of the Jordanian delegation which participated very actively in its work after obtaining Partner for Democracy status,” PACE said after the elections.
“The Jordanian delegation was able to showcase the development of the democratic process in their country but also helped make members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe more aware of the challenges Jordan faces,” the statement said.

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