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Today, June 13, 2021
35/ haze
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The bloodshed in Gaza
Yet again, pricking the conscience of the international community, Israel has unleashed a brutal onslaught against the defenceless Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip.As Gazans endure the unspeakable horror of the Israeli aggression, which claimed mo ...
The restoration of US support
Jordan at 100: Heralding a new dawn with renewed commitment
A pressing necessity
An avoidable tragedy
Heralding a second centennial of development
Moving ahead with lessons learned
Stability, productivity and rentierism
By Yusuf Mansur - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:23
The modern state is based on increased productivity; that is, people unite together to form a state because they believe that they will be b ...
A few years ago
Harvesting the boom
Using the Modern Monetary Theory
Not betting on Bitcoin
The short-termism trap
Is this the time for political realism?
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:23
For several months now the Middle East has not been prominent in the agenda of President Joe Biden. ...
Russian-Chinese escalation in confrontation of US, NATO
A new approach is needed to navigate the challenges of COVID and beyond
Stability is key to facing COVID challenges
Alignment in US foreign policy
King Abdullah embraces the hard road to reform
International and Jordanian scholars called for moving mountains
By Jabbar Al Obaidi and Laura McAlinden - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:22
By Jabbar Al Obaidi and Laura McAlindenIt wasn’t a surprise nor a typical cliché to hear over and over again this compliment: “Jordan is nic ...
Bridgewater State University, Jordanian partners team up with the world
School reopening cannot wait
By Takeshi Kasai and Karin Huslof - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:21
By Takeshi Kasai and Karin HuslofMANILA/BANGKOK — With the COVID-19 pandemic now well into its second year, safely reopening schools has bec ...
The return of the finance threat?
By Mohamed A. El Erian - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:21
CAMBRIDGE — After the 2008 global financial crisis, governments and central banks in advanced economies vowed that they would never again le ...
The pandemic’s complex cocktail
Overestimating the EU economy
Brexit and the global economy
Managing the global factor better
A ‘Reagan moment’ for international trade?
Fixing the broken pandemic financing system
By Project Syndicate - Jun 12, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 12, 2021 22:21
By David Miliband, Elizabeth Radin and Christopher EleftheriadesNEW YORK — Since the G-7 last met in August 2019, COVID-19 has resulted ...
Africa’s ‘Model T’ business model
Making America global again
The world needs a breakthrough year
Reform or revolution in global health?
A transatlantic climate alliance
Netanyahu-Trump parallels
By Michael Jansen - Jun 09, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 09, 2021 23:14
In his struggle to remain Israeli prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu is following the destructive policies his friend and ally Donald Trump ...
Iran on the geopolitical crossroad
Gaza: The epicentre of resistance
Unrestrained Israeli crimes against media outlets and Palestinian civilians
The paradigm shift
Iraq’s health system, once envy of the region, is in crisis
The great lockdown and global trade
By Daniel Gros - Jun 09, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 09, 2021 23:13
BRUSSELS — Trade is recovering robustly alongside the upticks in growth in major economies. This good news deserves more attention. ...
The green art of the possible
Will eurozone policymakers take the long view?
What EU ‘geopolitical’ power will cost
The eurozone’s 2 per cent fixation
The ECB’s deflation obsession
The investment imperative for the G-7
By Nicholas Stern - Jun 09, 2021 - Last updated at Jun 09, 2021 23:10
LONDON — At the upcoming G-7 summit in Cornwall, the major economies’ leaders have a critical opportunity to agree on a plan that not only d ...
Keeping the climate-finance promise

International and Jordanian scholars called for moving mountains
Jun 12, 2021
Is this the time for political realism?
Jun 12, 2021
Stability, productivity and rentierism
Jun 12, 2021
School reopening cannot wait
Jun 12, 2021
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