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1: I Wish I Could Force Touch This
Friday, October 16th 2015
Our take on Medium's latest design changes, Kevin's Apple Watch app is now in beta and Rafa gets his new iPhone.
Medium design changes:
The Story Behind Medium’s New Logo
Pasquale's comment
Designing at 1x
iPhone 6 Plus screen demystified
Project Comet:
Khoi's take on it
Adobe's anouncement
Facebook Design Resources
"Mobile First" design:
Twitter's blown up iPhone app
Kevin's Apple Watch app, Climate, goes in beta:
Climate Dribbble shot
Teaser photos on Instagram: 1, 2
Rafa's new phone
iPhone 6s
Bloomberg: How Apple built 3D Touch
Upgrade #55: Your Watch is Full
Upgrade #56: The Migration Experience
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