Solidarity with Firefighters, Paramedics, and Hospital Workers!
Submitted by Internationalis... on Apr 29 2021 13:51
Leaflet distributed by the ICO at a protest rally in South Australia for firefighters and paramedics.
Solidarity and Self-Organisation are the Weapons of the Working Class
Submitted by Internationalis... on Apr 26 2021 14:07
Leaflet distributed by the CWO during the last round of strikes at universities across the UK.
The price of power; cops gun down strikers in Bangladesh
Submitted by Red Marriott on Apr 23 2021 20:53
Police murders during a recent strike at a new Bangladeshi power plant and its context within shifting global energy policies.
A Plague on Both Your Houses – The Position of the Working Class in the Current Crisis
Submitted by AngryWorkersWorld on Apr 10 2021 07:40
This pamphlet is product of our collective debate and conversations with fellow workers over recent months. You can read a summary of over a dozen interviews about changing power-relations during the lockdown here. Feel free to print this text as a pamphlet and share it with your comrades and co-workers.
The Magneti Marelli Workers Committee - the "Red Guard" tells its story (Milan, 1975-78) - Emilio Mentasti
This remarkable book about one of the high points of workers' struggles in Italy (and the world) in the 1960s and '70s is now available in English.
I'm making it available here in mobi and epub formats, so you should be able to read it on most electronic devices.
A paper copy of this book can be obtained from the publisher, Autonomedia/Minor Compositions:
And a fine paper copy it is! Nicely layed out and on good quality paper... And there's a free PDF for you to download too.
The Introduction to the English Edition is below.
Italy: The Capitalist Attacks Are Already Beginning
Submitted by Internationalis... on Mar 16 2021 18:56
The following articles are translations of a statement and a leaflet issued by our sister organisation in Italy, Battaglia Comunista (Internationalist Communist Party).
8 Historical Working Women Moments for 8 March
Submitted by Internationalis... on Mar 11 2021 23:55
For what was once International Working Women’s Day, before it became International Women’s Day upon being co-opted by the UN and its corporate sponsors, we have written on 8 struggles throughout history in which working women played a vital and influential role.
A Sign of Things to Come
Submitted by Internationalis... on Feb 5 2021 20:55
The working class currently faces the challenge of the combined consequences of the pandemic and the underlying crisis of capitalism. Even though the health emergency is far from over, the wave of redundancies and restructuring has already started. The degree to which workers are able to not only resist attacks on their conditions but to impose their own interests on the ruling class in the next few months will shape the balance of class forces.
Solidarity with Striking Dublin Deliveroo workers
Submitted by R Totale on Feb 2 2021 22:14
This week has seen strike action throughout Dublin in the middle of a pandemic by Deliveroo workers. The workers, who have enough of being treated so badly, are asking Deliveroo for better working conditions, security, delivery fees & value standards. A member of the Industrial Workers of the World did the following interview with one Deliveroo striker to find out more and how people can effectively support their actions.
Unrest in Britain in 1919
Submitted by Battlescarred on Dec 10 2020 14:15
A short account of unrest in Britain during the year 1919
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Articles about workers' strikes, walkouts and industrial action.
Key articles:
Guide to taking strike action
Why anti-national?
Why is nationalism so effective and so persistent? What is the basis for the continual appeal of nationalism in its many forms? Wine and Cheese tackle the question.
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"You mean they actually vote for the lizards?" - Junge Linke
Junge Linke on elections, democracy and the state under capitalism.
Cheitanov, Gueorgui, 1896-1925
A short biography of Bulgarian anarchist and anti-dictatorship guerrilla, Gueorgui Cheitanov.
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