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9781439149959 : Durant, Will,; Arts Library : Stack    
      The lessons of history / by Will and Ariel Durant Arts Library; D16.8 D951L 2010  2010
9781439160992 (hbk.) : Becker, Elizabeth; Central Library (5th Floor)    
      Overbooked : the exploding business of travel and tourism / Elizabeth Becker Central Library; 338.4791 B395O  2013
9781439165652 / (pbk.) : Morais, Richard C.,; Arts Library    
      The hundred-foot journey : a novel / Richard C. Morais Arts Library; PS3613.O66 M827H 2011  2011
9781439170915 / (pbk.) : Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Medicine Library    
      The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer / Siddhartha Mukherjee Medicine Library; QZ200 M953e 2010  c2010
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9781439181713 / (ebook) : Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Medicine Library    
      The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer / Siddhartha Mukherjee Medicine Library; QZ200 M953e 2010  c2010
      House of holes : a book of raunch Central Library 2011
9781439192818 : Dawkins, Richard,; Central Library (4th Floor)    
      The magic of reality : how we know what's really true / Richard Dawkins ; illustrated by Dave McKean Central Library, Science Library ; 501 D271M  2011
9781439195703 (pbk.) : Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Medicine Library    
      The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer / Siddhartha Mukherjee Medicine Library; QZ200 M953e 2010  c2010
9781439195819 (v.I) : Sha, Zhi Gang; Central Library (5th Floor), Central Library : Audio-Visual Collection (3rd Floor)    
      Tao I-II / Zhi Gang Sha Central Library; 299.51431 S524T  2010
9781439198650 (v.II) : Sha, Zhi Gang; Central Library (5th Floor), Central Library : Audio-Visual Collection (3rd Floor)    
      Tao I-II / Zhi Gang Sha Central Library; 299.51431 S524T  2010
1439207933 : Vaknin, Shlomo; Central Library (4th Floor)    
      The BIG book of NLP techniques : 200+patterns methods & strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming / Shlomo Vaknin Central Library; 658.31244 V134B  c2008
9781439229071 : McCaffrey, James; Science Library    
      Software Testing : Fundamental Principles and Essential Knowledge/ James McCaffrey Science Library; QA76.76.T48 S681m 2009  2009
1439244219 : Bonneville, Nicholas; Arts Library    
      Illuminati manifesto of world revolution (1792) / by Nicholas Bonneville Arts Library; HS142.B66 B717I 2011  2011
9781439251997 : Houston, Hall; Central Library (4th Floor)    
      Provoking thought : memory and thinking in ELT / Hall Houston Central Library; 428.24 H176P  2009
9781439800058 (e-book : PDF) : Raol, J. R.   
      Multi-sensor data fusion with MATLAB [electronic resource] / Jitendra R. Raol Engineering Library; TA331 .R36 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2010
9781439800195 : Barrick, Douglas E.,; Science Library    
      Biomolecular thermodynamics : from theory to application / Douglas E. Barrick Science Library; QU34 B615b 2018  2018
9781439800225 (e-book : PDF) : Krzanowski, W. J   
      ROC curves for continuous data [electronic resource] / authors, Wojtek J. Krzanowski and David J. Hand Engineering Library; QA279.2 .K73 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2009
9781439800331 (e-book : PDF) : Gil§, M. I.   
      Localization and perturbation of zeros of entire functions [electronic resource] / Michael Gil§ Engineering Library; QA353.E5 G55 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2009
9781439800393 (e-book : PDF) : Mulaik, Stanley A.,   
      Linear causal modeling with structural equations [electronic resource] / Stanley A. Mulaik Engineering Library; H61.25 .M84 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2009
9781439800423 : Leblanc, Jean L; Central Library (4th Floor)    
      Filled polymers : science and industrial applications / Jean L. Leblanc Central Library; 620.192 L445F  c2010
9781439800430 (e-book : PDF) : Leblanc, Jean L   
      Filled polymers [electronic resource] : science and industrial applications / Jean L. Leblanc Engineering Library; TA455.P58 L423 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439800447 (hbk. : alk. paper) : Science Library    
      Modified atmosphere and active packaging technologies / edited by Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis Science Library; TP374 M692a 2012  c2012
9781439800539 (e-book : PDF) : Cantor, Abigail F   
      Water distribution system monitoring [electronic resource] : a practical approach for evaluating drinking water quality / Abigail F. Cantor Engineering Library; TD491 C363 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2009
9781439800584 (e-book : PDF)    
      Food security and soil quality [electronic resource] / editors: Rattan Lal and B.A. Stewart Engineering Library; HD9000.5 F5968 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2010
9781439800652 (e-book : PDF)    
      Forensic autopsy [electronic resource] : a handbook and atlas / edited by Cristoforo Pomara, Steven B. Karch, Vittorio Fineschi Engineering Library; RA1063.4 F662 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439800669 (e-book : PDF) : Uchino, Kenji,   
      Entrepreneurship for engineers [electronic resource] / Kenji Uchino Engineering Library; HB615 U35 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439800706 (e-book : PDF) : Emadi, Ali   
      Integrated power electronic converters and digital control [electronic resource] / authors, Ali Emadi ... [et al.] Engineering Library; TK7872.C8 E43 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2009
9781439800720 (e-book : PDF) : Sadiku, Matthew N. O   
      Monte Carlo methods for electromagnetics [electronic resource] / Matthew N.O. Sadiku Engineering Library; QC760 .S23 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2009
9781439800775 (e-book : PDF) : Bauer, Jeffrey C   
      Statistical analysis for decision makers in healthcare [electronic resource] : understanding and evaluating critical information in changing times / Jeffrey C. Bauer Engineering Library; RA409 .B35 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2009
9781439800973 (e-book : PDF) : Cecchi, Teresa   
      Ion-pair chromatography and related techniques [electronic resource] / Teresa Cecchi Engineering Library; QD79.C4 C35 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439801055 / (CRC Press) : Darvell, B. W; Dentistry Library    
      Materials science for dentistry / B.W. Darvell Dentistry Library; RK652.5 .D37m 2009  2009
9781439801079 (CRC Press) : Science Library    
      Modelling and predicting textile behaviour / edited by X. Chen Science Library; TS1445 M689c 2010  2010
9781439801093 (CRC Press) : Science Library    
      New technologies in aquaculture : improving production efficiency, quality and environmental management / edited by Gavin Burnell and Geoff Allan Science Library; SH135 N532b 2009  c2009
9781439801147 : Science Library    
      Identification of textile fibers / edited by Max M. Houck Science Library; TS1540 I19h 2009  2009
9781439801338 (CRC press) : Science Library    
      Smart textile coatings and laminates / edited by William C. Smith Science Library; TS1512 S636s 2010  c2010
9781439801352 (e-book : PDF)    
      Handbook of new technologies for genetic improvement of legumes [electronic resource] / P.B Kirti, editor Engineering Library; SB203 .H36 2007  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2007
9781439801383 (e-book : PDF) : Grigoryan, Artyom M   
      Brief notes in advanced DSP [electronic resource] : Fourier analysis with MATLAB / Artyom M. Grigoryan, Merughan M. Grigoryan Engineering Library; TK5102.9 G75 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2009
9781439801475 (e-book : PDF)    
      Sick building syndrome and related illness [electronic resource] : prevention and remediation of mold contamination / editor, Walter E. Goldstein Engineering Library; RA577.5 .S517 2011  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2011
9781439801512 (e-book : PDF) : Foreman, Park   
      Vulnerability management [electronic resource] / Park Foreman Engineering Library; QA76.9.A25 F656 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439801543 : Hill, Gerard M.; Education Library    
      The complete project management methodology and toolkit / Gerard M. Hill Education Library; 658.404 H646Cm 2010  c2010
9781439801550 (e-book : PDF) : Hill, Gerard M   
      The complete project management methodology and toolkit [electronic resource] / Gerard M. Hill Engineering Library; HD69.P75 H53 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2010
9781439801741 (e-book : PDF) : Marek, V. W.   
      Introduction to mathematics of satisfiability [electronic resource] / Victor W. Marek Engineering Library; QA9.3 .M37 2009  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2009
9781439801765 (e-book : PDF) : Kolpakov, A. A   
      Capacity and transport in contrast composite structures [electronic resource] : asymptotic analysis and applications / authors, A.A. Kolpakov, A.G. Kolpakov Engineering Library; TA664 K65 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2010
9781439801796 / (hardback : alk. paper) : Pharmaceutical Sciences Library : Reference Collection    
      Pharmaceutical stress testing : predicting drug degradation / edited by Steven W. Baertschi, Karen M. Alsante, Robert A. Reed Pharmaceutical Sciences Library; RS91 D794 2011 v.210  2011
9781439801994 : Monif, Gilles R.G   
      Infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynecology / Gilles R.G. Monif, and David A. Baker Medicine Library ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2008
9781439802021 (electronic bk.) : Turrentine, John E   
      Clinical protocols in obstetrics and gynecology [electronic resource] / John E. Turrentine Medicine Library; RG572 .T87 2008eb  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2008
9781439802151 : Central Library (4th Floor)    
      Biomaterials and regenerative medicine in opthalmology / edited by Traian Chirila Central Library; 617.79 B615  2010
9781439802335 (e-book : PDF) : Horberry, Tim   
      Human factors for the design, operation, and maintenance of mining equipment [electronic resource] / authors, Tim John Horberry, Robin Burgess-Limerick, Lisa J. Steiner Engineering Library; TN295 .H74 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439802434 (e-book : PDF) : Schlegel, Rolf H. J   
      Dictionary of plant breeding [electronic resource] / Rolf H.J. Schlegel Engineering Library; SB123 .S32 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCEc2010
9781439802465 (e-book : PDF) : Yalkowsky, Samuel H.   
      Handbook of aqueous solubility data [electronic resource] / by Samuel H. Yalkowsky, Yan He, Parijat Jain Engineering Library; QD257.7 H33 2010  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE2010
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