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JSTOR [electronic resource] : A History / Roger C. Schonfeld. Schonfeld, Roger C., author.
Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, [2012]
JSTOR [electronic resource].
New York, N.Y. : JSTOR.
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South Asia open archives [electronic resource]
Chicago : Center for Research Libraries, 2019-
Class identities and the identity of class [electronic resource] / Wendy Bottero. Bottero, Wendy, 1965-
Oxford [etc.] : Clarendon Press. 2015.
Nikolay Myaskovsky and the "regimentation" of Soviet Composition [electronic resource] : A reassessm Zuk, Patrick.
St. Joseph, Mich. : Imperial Print. Co. 2014.
A new image of Elizabeth I [electronic resource] : the three goddesses theme in art and literature / Hackett, Helen.
San Marino, Calif. : [s.n.], 2014.
Borderline temporalities and security anticipations [electronic resource] : standing guard in Tel Av Konopinski, Natalie.
Amsterdam : Etnofoor, 2014.
Hong Kong identity on the rise [electronic resource] / Yew Chiew Ping and Kwong Kin-ming. Yew, Chiew Ping.
Berkeley, CA : University of California Press, 2014.
Governing through the brain [electronic resource] : Neuropolitics, neuroscience and subjectivity / N Rose, Nikolas S.
Cambridge, England : The Department. 2014.
Archaeological research at Gabii, Italy [electronic resource]: The Gabii project excavations, 2009� Mogetta, Marcello
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2014.
Reading, writing and religion in nineteenth-century France [electronic resource] : the popular recep Priest, Robert Daniel, 1984-
Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press. 2014.
Japan in 2013 [electronic resource] : abenomics and abegeopolitics / Takashi Inoguchi. Inoguchi, Takashi.
Berkeley, CA : University of California Press., 2014.
Mediterranean containerization [electronic resource] / Andrew Bevan. Bevan, Andrew, 1974-
Chicago, Ill. : Current Anthropology., 2014.
El ejército mexicano [electronic resource] : 100 años de historia / Javier Garciadiego, coordinado
Mexico, D.F. : El Colegio de Mexico, 2014.
Pompeii forum project [electronic resource] : current thinking on the Pompeii forum / Larry F. Ball Ball, Larry F., 1956-
New York : Macmillan Co., 2013.
The public life of monuments [electronic resource] : the Summi Viri of the Forum of Augustus / Josep Shaya, Josephine.
New York : Archaeological Institute of America, 2013.
Space, sound, and light [electronic resource] : Toward a sensory experience of ancient monumental ar McMahon, Augusta.
New York : Macmillan Co. 2013.
Labor conflicts in China [electronic resource] : typologies and their implications / Feng Chen and M Chen, Feng.
Berkeley, CA : University of California Press., 2013.
Serving society, repurposing the state [electronic resource] : religious charity and resistance in C McCarthy, Susan K.
[Canberra] : Contemporary China Centre, The Australian National University., 2013
Analyzing the outrageous [electronic resource] : Takehara Shunchōsai's "Shunga" Book Makura dōji n Gerstle, C. Andrew, 1951-
Kyoto, Japan : Journal of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 2013.
Korean books in Japan [electronic resource] : from the 1590s to the end of the Edo period / Peter Ko Kornicki, Peter F. (Peter Francis)
New York, N.Y. : George P. Putnam, 2013.
Guaraní y quechua desde el cine en las propuestas de Lucía Puenzo, "El niño pez", y Claudia Llosa Cisneros, Vitelia.
Stanford, Calif. : American Association of Teachers of Spanish. 2013.
A historic breakthrough on the crime of aggression [electronic resource] / Leila Nadya Sadat. Sadat, Leila Nadya.
New York: Baker, Voorhis & Co., 2013.
Global land and water grabbing [electronic resource] / Maria Cristina Rulli, Antonio Saviori and Pao Rulli, Maria Cristina.
Washington, D.C. : The Academy, 2013
The Storrs lectures [electronic resource] : behavioral economics and paternalism / Cass R. Sunstein. Sunstein, Cass R.
New Haven, Conn. : Yale Law Journal Co., 2013.
The Moro Affair - Left-Wing Terrorism and Conspiracy in Italy in the Late 1970s [electronic resource Hof, Tobias.
Köln : Published jointly by QUANTUM [and] Zentrum für Historische Sozialforschung. 2013.
“Me longeth sore to Bernysdale” [electronic resource] : centralization, resistance, and the bare Taylor, Joseph.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press., 2013.
Postscript [electronic resource] : Towards a humanism of the diverse / Martine Abdallah-Pretceille. Abdallah-Pretceille, Martine.
"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacau : Romania. 2012.
Greek vases [electronic resource] : From artistic personalities to archaeological contexts/ Tyler Jo Smith, Tyler Jo.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Also 10 tribal units [electronic resource]: The grouping of cavalry on the Parthenon North Frieze / Osada, Toshihiro.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
The Docimian marble of the Ludovisi and Capitoline Gauls and other replicas of the Pergamene Dedicat Attanasio, Donato.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
The shipwreck of Odysseus [electronic resource]: Strong and weak imagery in late geometric art / Jef Hurwit, Jeffrey M., 1949-
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Sculpted symposiasts of Ionia [electronic resource] / Elizabeth P. Baughan. Baughan, Elizabeth P.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
The Porticello bronzes once again [electronic resource] / Brunilde S. Ridgway. Ridgway, Brunilde Sismondo, 1929-
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Kouroi and statistics [electronic resource] / Jane B. Carter and Laura J. Steinberg Carter, Jane Burr.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Temples, stars, and ritual landscapes [electronic resource]: The potential for archaeoastronomy in A Boutsikas, Efrosyni.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Greek Architecture [electronic resource] / Barbara A. Barletta Barletta, Barbara A.
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.
Roman fountains in Greek sanctuaries [electronic resource] / Brenda Longfellow. Longfellow, Brenda, 1973-
New York : Macmillan Co., 2012.
International law and its discontents [electronic resource]: rethinking the global South / Balakrish Rajagopal, Balakrishnan.
Washington, DC : American Society of International Law. 2012.
The republic of letters in the American Colonies [electronic resource] : Francis Daniel Pastorius ma Grafton, Anthony.
New York : Macmillan Co.., 2012
Reconfiguring the British Empire [electronic resource] / Steven Pincus. Pincus, Steven C. A.
Williamsburg, Va. : College of William and Mary, 2012.
Rethinking mercantilism [electronic resource] : political economy, the British empire, and the Atlan Pincus, Steven C. A.
Williamsburg, Va. : College of William and Mary, 2012.
Preserving the future in the old English Durham [electronic resource] / Joseph Grossi Grossi, Joseph.
Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2012
Erechtheus and the Apobates race on the Parthenon frieze (North XI–XII) [electronic resource] / Je Neils, Jenifer, 1950-
New York : Macmillan Co.. 2012.

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