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      Kleio UHCL 
ocm03389952 : Hazlitt, William,   
      The Round table: a collection of essays on literature, men, and manners. By William Hazlitt. UHCL 
      (no title) ANDERSON 
      0.20-m (8-in.) primary burner development report / by R. T. Stula, D. T. Young, and J. S. Rode. ANDERSON 
      The 0(n,xy) reaction cross section for incident neutron energies between 6.5 and 20.0 MeV / G. L. Morgan and G. T. Chapman. ANDERSON 
      1.1 micrometer and visible emission semiconductor diode lasers / I. Ladany, C. J. Nuese, and H. Kressel, RCA Laboratories ; prepared for Langley Research Center. ANDERSON 
9996 additional entries  
      245 1 Interim review of reports on Neches river and tributries, Texas covering salt water barrier at Beaumont, Texas ANDERSON 
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      The woman of colour : a tale / Anonymous ; edited by Lyndon J. Dominique. UHD 
z 9781317307273 / electronic book   
      Representations of nature of science in school science textbooks : a global perspective / edited by Christine V. McDonald and Fouad Abd-El-Khalick. ANDERSON 
z9781615046447 : Upadhyaya, M.   
      The molecular biology of neurofibromatosis Type 1 / Meena Upadhyaya. UH MAIN 
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