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If you're the kind of person who loves to get elbow deep in code, there are lots of opportunities to dig into Mailman. Mailman 3 is under active development and we would welcome your input and contributions.
The primary gathering point for all development should be the Mailman Wiki and specifically the Development home space on the wiki. Because wikis are intended to be collaborative, you're free to contribute to this page in true wiki fashion.
You may want to find a project on our Mailman TODO list. You will also definitely want to subscribe to the mailman-developers mailing list.
Please do not send patches to the mailing lists. They will get lost! Use the project hosting sites described below, and note that they are different for Mailman 3 and 2.1.
In all cases, if you find any security issues in any version or component of Mailman, please contact and see our security page for more details.
Mailman 3
Mailman 3 is a suite of tools that work together. All are developed under the mailman group on GitLab. Here are the projects, along with links to their bug tracker and source code repositories. We welcome you to also submit merge requests for bugs and features you might work on. All projects use git for version control.
Mailman 2.1
Mailman 2.1 continues to be developed on the Mailman project at Launchpad. Mailman 2.1 uses Bazaar for its version control.
Some of the Mailman developers also occasionally hang out on the #mailman IRC channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network.
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