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See the requirements page for the list of pre-requisites.
Mailman 2.1 is available from the following sources:
Note: the GNU ftp site may lag behind Launchpad, especially just after a release announcement. It often takes a little while for the GNU ftp site to catch up.
Mailman 3 is available from the Python Package Index (PyPI).
Mailman 3 has been split into a suite of related components. See Mailman Suite Installation for some installation documentation.
Here's a list of the names of the Mailman 3 components:
Signing keys
We always sign releases with the GPG keys of one of the core developers: Barry Warsaw or Mark Sapiro. Our public keys are available from all the public keyservers. For cross referencing, here are the keys we use to sign releases:
DeveloperGPG key idGPG fingerprint
Barry WarsawA74B06BF8417 157E DBE7 3D9E AC1E  539B 126E B563 A74B 06BF
Mark Sapiro953B8693C638 CAEF 0AC2 1563 736B  5A22 555B 975E 953B 8693
Abhilash Raj61D0A67C541E A044 8453 394F F77A  0ECC 9D9B 2BA0 61D0 A67C
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