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Phrase SearchingSearch multiple words together as a phrase. Phrase searching (adjacency) is the default search.stock market
WildcardsUse * for right-hand or embedded truncation of 1-5 characters.environment*
 Use ** for right-hand-only truncation of any number of characters.gender ident**
 Use ? for right-hand or embedded truncation of a single
 The * and ? truncation characters must have at least 2 characters to their LEFT.gentlem?n
OperatorsUse "and" to specify all words. Use "or" to specify any single word. Use "and not" to exclude words. Use parentheses to group words with operators.
stock market and japan
(alaska or canada) and adventure
columbus and not christopher
ProximityUse "near" to specify words within 10 words of each other, in any order. Use "within n" to specify words within "n" words of each other. The value of "n" has no limit.
spectroscopy near polymer*
ohio within 3 (native* or indian*)
FieldsUse labels to search specific fields:
  • a:author
  • t:title
  • s:subject
  • n:note (includes publisher)
a:(twain or clemens) and t:huck**
biological diversity and n:wiley
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