PM sets out budget to make UK 'science superpower'
Boris Johnson says the country will be able to "breathe life into more breakthroughs that transform lives".
Science & Environment
Singapore's mission to reach zero waste
Limited progress at virtual UN climate talks
Science & Environment
Giant rhino fossils in China point to new species
'Living fossil' fish may live for up to a century
Science & Environment
Jeff Bezos-backed fusion plant to be built in UK
Science & Environment
First crew blasts off to new China space station
Science & Environment
Our Planet Now
Europe tools up against US and Asia as a car battery force
Why it's the end of the road for petrol stations
Backlash against 'frightening' tests on whales
First view of Nasa's assembled 'megarocket'
Bidder pays $28m for space trip with Amazon boss
China's Zhurong Mars rover takes a selfie
'It hit the valley floor like 15 atomic bombs'
Underwater avalanche continued for two days
New dinosaur species largest found in Australia
Latest Updates
PM sets out budget to make UK 'science superpower'
By Jennifer Meierhans
BBC News
Boris Johnson says the country will be able to "breathe life into more breakthroughs that transform lives".
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Protesters march in response to major sewage leak
Margate beaches remain closed to swimmers after wastewater was released into the sea during a storm.
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Red squirrel project 'shows native species return'
By Maria McCann
BBC News NI north east reporter
It is thought to be the first time the native squirrel has bred in the Carnfunnock area for decades.
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23:34 19 Jun
Horse racing hit by rules over exports after Brexit
By Vikki Irwin
BBC Politics East
Red tape and additional rules are making life harder for trainers and breeders, the industry says.
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23:04 19 Jun
How can you make your home eco-friendly?
By Catherine Evans
BBC News
There are many ways to reduce a property's environmental impact, says the Energy Saving Trust.
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5:26 19 Jun
Aberdeen zone funds to help green energy transition
The Scottish government provides £26m for the Aberdeen Energy Transition Zone to aid the move away from oil and gas.
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4:42 19 Jun
Stargazers' cosmic bubble photo gets Nasa praise
An astronomy fan from Gloucestershire teams up with fellow fans to produce a photo of a nebula.
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23:52 18 Jun
Veteran 80-year-old horsewoman honoured
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Veteran Hexham horsewoman honoured by British Horse Society
An 80-year-old woman who travels 600 miles each year on horseback is honoured for her exploits.
22:46 18 Jun
Mediterranean UV levels in NI prompt sun warning
By Barra Best
BBC News NI Weather Presenter
Sunburn is still a danger - even on a cloudy staycation in Northern Ireland.
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16:09 18 Jun
Singapore's mission to reach zero waste
By Peter Hoskins
Business reporter, Singapore
Singapore sees its traditional rag and bone collectors as key to its sustainability plans.
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16:00 18 Jun
Squirrel's sinking feeling as food theft thwarted
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Squirrel's sinking feeling as Ipswich gardener thwarts food theft
Petroleum jelly stops a slippery customer from nabbing an easy lunch.
10:19 18 Jun
Arctic sea-ice shrinks to near record low extent
By Jonathan Amos
BBC Science Correspondent
Only in 2012 have satellites seen the summer floes in the polar north more withdrawn than in 2020.
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8:00 18 Jun
Antarctica team to study microplastic pollution
The team will mark 100 years since Sir Ernest Shackleton died and study microplastic pollution.
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7:58 18 Jun
COP26 head Alok Sharma says he tries to be boring
Former cabinet minister says his focus is on results not "grandstanding" ahead of climate summit.
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7:34 18 Jun
Dinosaur footprints found on Kent coast
At least six different species' prints were found in Folkestone after being exposed by a storm.
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7:19 18 Jun
Wild swimming safety warning from authorities
Swimmers have been warned against taking a dip in harbours and reservoirs.
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7:09 18 Jun
MPs: Octopuses feel pain and need legal protection
By Manish Pandey
Newsbeat reporter
A report by a group of MPs says invertebrates are intelligent and should be added to welfare bill.
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6:55 18 Jun
Afghanistan: Can pomegranates power the economy?
By Daud Qarizadah & Harun Najafizade
BBC Persian
As delegates gather for a conference on Afghanistan's future, the BBC investigates how pomegranates could help wean the country off foreign aid.
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5:42 18 Jun
Liverpool's historic docks win Blue Flag award
The city's famous docks become the first English marina to receive the sought-after recognition.
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5:12 18 Jun
Poppies prove social media hit
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Leamington poppy field delights photographers and residents
Leamington poppy field provides a red sea of colour.
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