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Middle East
26 Jan1952: Britons killed in Cairo riots

29 Feb1956: Hopes for Mid East peace mission

26 Jul1956: Egypt seizes Suez Canal

14 Jul1958: Coup in Iraq sparks jitters in Middle East

27 Feb1963: Argoud charged over de Gaulle plot

30 May1967: Egypt and Jordan unite against Israel

25 Jun1970: New peace plan for Middle East

06 Sep1970: Hundreds held in series of hijacks

12 Sep1970: Hijacked jets destroyed by guerrillas

17 Sep1970: Civil war breaks out in Jordan

27 Sep1970: Arab leaders sign Jordan peace deal

23 Feb1972: Hijackers surrender and free Lufthansa crew

29 May1972: Japanese kill 26 at Tel Aviv airport

06 Sep1972: Olympic hostages killed in gun battle

19 Sep1972: Parcel bomb attack on Israeli embassy

01 Mar1973: Palestinian gunmen hold diplomats in Sudan

06 Oct1973: Arab states attack Israeli forces

16 May1974: Dozens die as Israel retaliates for Ma'alot

18 Mar1974: Violent border clashes at Golan Heights

20 Jun1976: Westerners evacuated from Beirut

19 Nov1977: Egyptian leader's Israel trip makes history

05 Dec1977: Egypt severs ties with Arab hardliners

13 Jun1978: Israeli troops leave southern Lebanon

03 Feb1978: Sadat in US for Mid East talks

19 Feb1978: Egyptian forces die in Cyprus gunfight

17 Mar1978: Civilians flee southern Lebanon

20 Aug1978: Two dead after El Al crew ambushed

18 Sep1978: Arab-Israeli breakthrough in US

16 Jan1979: Shah of Iran flees into exile

26 Mar1979: Israel and Egypt shake hands on peace deal

01 Feb1979: Exiled Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran

04 Nov1979: Militants storm US embassy in Tehran

25 Apr1980: Tehran hostage rescue mission fails

21 Jan1981: Tehran frees US hostages after 444 days

06 Oct1981: Egypt's President Sadat assassinated

03 Jun1982: Israeli ambassador shot in London

30 Aug1982: PLO leader forced from Beirut

17 Sep1982: Refugees massacred in Beirut camps

17 Sep1982: Sabra and Shatila - after the atrocity

23 Oct1983: Beirut blasts kill US and French troops

20 Sep1984: US embassy blast kills 20

30 Jun1985: Beirut ordeal ends for US hostages

07 Oct1985: Gunmen hijack Italian cruise liner

24 Nov1985: Commandoes storm hijacked plane

02 Nov1986: US hostage freed in Beirut

02 Feb1987: Peace envoy imprisoned in Beirut

22 Jul1987: Cartoonist shot in London street

14 Feb1989: Ayatollah sentences author to death

02 Aug1990: Iraq invades Kuwait

12 Aug1990: Briton shot by Iraqis

23 Aug1990: Outrage at Iraqi TV hostage show

10 Dec1990: Iraq frees British hostages

24 Aug1990: Irish hostage released in Lebanon

26 Dec1990: Iranian leader upholds Rushdie fatwa

03 Jan1991: Britain expels Iraqi diplomats

10 Jan1991: Last ditch efforts to avoid Gulf War

17 Jan1991: 'Mother of all Battles' begins

30 Jan1991: US Marines killed at Al Khafji

13 Feb1991: US bombers strike civilians in Baghdad

22 Feb1991: Bush threatens Iraq with land war

28 Feb1991: Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire

14 Jul1991: UK forces withdraw from Kurdish haven

08 Aug1991: Beirut hostage John McCarthy freed

30 Oct1991: Bush opens historic Mid East peace conference

18 Nov1991: Church envoy Waite freed in Beirut

04 Dec1991: Last US hostage freed

01 Jul1994: Yasser Arafat ends 27-year exile

26 Jul1994: Israel's London embassy bombed

14 Oct1994: Israelis and Arafat share peace prize

26 Oct1994: Israel and Jordan make peace

10 Jan1996: King of Jordan in historic Tel Aviv visit

04 Sep1997: Suicide bombings put peace visit in doubt

15 Nov1998: Iraqi climbdown averts air strikes

22 May2000: Hezbollah makes gains in Lebanon

26 May2000: Hezbollah celebrates Israeli retreat

26 Apr2005: Syrian troops leave Lebanon

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