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Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) is responsible for the operational aspects of coordinating the Internet’s unique identifiers and maintaining the trust of the community to provide these services in an unbiased, responsible and effective manner. Mainly, PTI is responsible for the operation of the IANA functions:
Domain Names
Number Resources
Protocol Parameter Assignments
Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) was incorporated in August 2016 as an affiliate of ICANN, and, through contracts and subcontracts with ICANN, began performing the IANA functions on behalf of ICANN in October 2016.
Learn more about the delivery of the IANA services at
Latest Updates
11 May 2021
FY20 California Registration/Renewal Fee Report
11 May 2021
FY20 California Exempt Organization Annual Information Return – CA-199
11 May 2021
FY20 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Form 990
04 May 2021
PTI FY21 Q3 Unaudited Financials
01 Feb 2021
PTI FY21 Q2 Unaudited Financials
14 Jan 2021
Adopted FY22 PTI Operating Plan and Budget
18 Dec 2020
FY22 PTI & IANA Staff Report of Public Comment
01 Dec 2020
IANA Functions Transition Plan
17 Nov 2020
PTI FY21 Q1 Unaudited Financials
30 Jun 2020
PTI FY20 Q4 Unaudited Financials
13 May 2020
PTI FY20 Q3 Unaudited Financials
13 May 2020
Form 990 for PTI FY19
27 Jan 2020
FY21 Adopted IANA Operating Plan and Budget
09 Jan 2020
FY21 Adopted PTI Operating Plan and Budget
19 Dec 2019
FY21 PTI Staff Report of Public Comment
30 Oct 2019
PTI FY19 Audited Financial Statements
14 Oct 2019
Public Comment for Draft PTI and IANA FY21 Operating Plan and Budgets
30 Jan 2019
IANA Adopted FY20 Operating Plan and Budget
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Document Name 
30 Sep 2016
IANA Naming Function Contract   30SEP16 EN [PDF 626 KB]
30 Sep 2016
Services Agreement  30SEP16 EN [PDF 334 KB]
30 Sep 2016
IETF MoU Subcontract Agreement  30SEP16 EN [PDF 338 KB]
30 Sep 2016
Numbering SLA Subcontract Agreement  30SEP16 EN [PDF 335 KB]
30 Sep 2016
RZMA Subcontract Agreement  30SEP16 EN [PDF 331 KB]
28 Sep 2016
Bylaws  28SEP16 EN [PDF 506 KB]
28 Sep 2016
Board Code of Conduct  28SEP16 EN [PDF 117 KB]
28 Sep 2016
Conflict of Interest Policy  28SEP16 EN [PDF 147 KB]
28 Sep 2016
Expected Standards of Behavior  28SEP16 EN [PDF 124 KB]
09 Aug 2016
Articles of Incorporation  09AUG16 EN [PDF 115 KB]
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