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Database Categories
Institutions assign categories and sub-categories to databases. You can locate databases by selecting a category and a sub-category in Căutare bază de date or in MetaCăutare​.
A sample category is Humanities. Each category of databases is sub-divided by the institution into sub-categories. For example, the category Humanities can be subdivided into Archeology, Istoric, Languages and so on.
The All sub-category includes all the databases in the selected category.
The General category includes all the databases that do not belong to a specific subcategory.

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What Kind of Terms Should I Enter?
MetaLib combines keyword and phrase search features. The term that you enter in a search query has a significant effect on the results that will be found.
Searching for Single Words
When asked to enter a term, you can enter a single word, a single letter or part of a word followed by a question mark (?). A question mark is a wild card, which means that it matches any value. For example: you can type optim? to find records containing optimal, optimize or optimum.

Searching for Multiple Words
When asked to enter a term, you can also enter more than one word, as follows:
Do not put terms in quotation marks unless you want to perform a phrase search.