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Spaţiul meu
To access, click Spaţiul meu in the menu.
MetaLib enables you to personalize your environment, to create your own database lists, save records that you find interesting for future reference, and define your preferences for the display of results.

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Raft electronic
To access, click Spaţiul meu in the menu and then Raft electronic.
MetaLib allows authenticated users to keep selected records in their personal Raft electronic for future use.
Records are added to the basket, which is the default Raft electronic folder, by clicking the basket
function in a results list. You can also create new folders, name them and move records into them from your basket or from another folder.
Raft electronic records can be displayed in three views: Vizualizare tabel, Vizualizare sumară and Vizualizare integrală.
The Raft electronic display can include one or two panes.
To switch from the single pane view to the two pane view, click on the Advanced option at the top. To switch back to the single pane view from the two-pane view, click the Simple option.
In the two-pane Advanced view, you can move records from My Basket to an eShelf folder by selecting the records and clicking the arrow icon located at the top of the pane.

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