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Căutare Rapidă
To access, click Căutare Rapidă in the menu.
Căutare Rapidă is the easiest way to search for information in a pre-defined set of databases.
  1. Optional. A default is pre-selected for you. You can select from one of the ready-made sets prepared by your institution or you can create and select a list of databases for yourself using the Bazele de date selectate function in Spaţiul meu.
    You can click on a set name to display a popup window showing the list of databases that it includes. In this list of databases, you can click
    to display information about this database, or you can click the database name to go to the database’s Web site.
  2. Enter a term in the search box. You can also use the Advanced Search.
  3. Click
    to start the search.
    While MetaLib is searching, the screen is refreshed every few seconds showing its progress in a table listing the databases in which it is searching. This list shows the status of the search and the number of hits found in each database.
    You can click Cancel to stop the search and start again.
    If you do not want the page to be refreshed (for accessibility or other reasons), click the Turn Off Auto Refresh option at the bottom of the page.
    The Status column shows the words Search and link for databases that cannot be shown in the MetaLib Interface. You can click the Jump link to display a database in its native interface.
    Once MetaLib has finished searching, if one or more of the databases can be shown in the MetaLib interface, then the Search Rezultate list is displayed. You can browse through this results list, as described in Search Rezultate. Depending on how your MetaLib system has been configured for you, the results may be displayed immediately or you may have to click View retrieved.
  4. You can now click Search in the menu to do another search.
Note: You can reorder sets created by you via Bazele de date selectate.