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From: The Stream
What should Pakistan do to end violence against women?
Activists are urging officials to increase accountability for perpetrators and boost support for survivors.
5 Aug 2021
From: The Stream
Why has climate change caused famine in Madagascar?
More than a million people in need of food aid as the country faces worst drought in decades.
4 Aug 2021
From: The Stream
Can Lebanon deliver justice for the port explosion?
Bereaved and survivors maintain call for deep investigation a year after disaster rocked Beirut.
3 Aug 2021
From: The Stream
Should the Olympics be abolished?
Anti-Olympic movement says games are a driver of debt, displacement and corruption.
2 Aug 2021
Bonus Edition: UK policing, Indonesia COVID, India press freedom
Best of the week and behind the scenes.
31 Jul 2021
Have our brains reached capacity?
The Stream meets author Annie Murphy Paul to hear about intelligence beyond the brain.
29 Jul 2021
Is COVID-19 hampering Myanmar’s anti-coup movement?
Opponents of military junta face twin threat of coronavirus infections and repression.
28 Jul 2021
Is India at war with journalism?
Spyware scandal and government raids on media outlets have Indian journalists worried about press freedom.
27 Jul 2021
Why has COVID-19 taken hold in Indonesia?
New infections and deaths skyrocket as volunteers fill gaps in medical care.
25 Jul 2021
Bonus edition: Slavery reparations, cartel wars, aerial photos
Best of the week and behind the scenes.
23 Jul 2021
Can the UK stamp out racism in its policing?
Episodes of racial discrimination in interactions with public is major challenge for police forces.
22 Jul 2021
Where is Ethiopia’s Tigray war headed?
In this episode, we also discuss Europe’s flooding crisis and Mexico’s drug war.
20 Jul 2021
Can slavery reparations dismantle systemic racism?
UN says reparations needed to achieve more progress in fight for racial justice.
18 Jul 2021
Bonus edition: Football racism, Nicaragua, US Indigenous schools
Best of the week and behind the scenes.
16 Jul 2021
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